10 Questions We Have After The 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2' Teaser

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back to Netflix a lot faster than we expected. On April 5th, 2019, your favorite teen witch will start a whole new chapter of her young life. This news comes to us by way of the official CAOS Twitter page, which also gave us a tantalizing look at Season Two. The 45-second teaser trailer features all the horror and romance Sabrina fans love, but reveals next to nothing about the plot. In fact, it brings up more questions than it does answers. Which is why we've put together this list of 10 Questions We Have After The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2 Teaser.

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10. Do Sabrina and Nick Get Together?

This question is almost a carry-over from the first season. Since fellow sorcerer Nicholas Scratch showed up in CAOS, fans have noticed romantic tension between him and Sabrina. Now, it's confirmed that they'll be locking lips at some point in the near future. But when, and why? We know that things are (temporarily) over with mortal Harvey Kinkle after the end of Season One, but will Nick step up as Sabrina's new beau? Or are we just getting a glimpse of a steamy daydream from one of the pair? Nick doesn't exactly show himself to be loyal in Season One, but with Harvey out of the picture, he may just take his shot at Sabrina. Now, speaking of Harvey...

9. Do Harvey and Roz Get Together?

Unlike a Sabrina/Nick kiss, this next topic absolutely will shock fans. At one point in the teaser trailer, we see Roz and Harvey look very intimately at each other, like they're just about to kiss. This would be a completely new development in the world of Baxter High romance, since Roz and Harvey showed no sparks in the first season. It's also shocking due to the nature of the characters, with Roz claiming to be Sabrina's best friend and Harvey her true love. Whatever goes down between the two, it certainly won't be fun for Sabrina. But enough about romance, let's get down to the real questions...

8. Are There Werewolves in Greendale?

Just who is the owner of that wolf snout at the 0:35 mark of the teaser? We can probably assume it's not Satan, since he's got more of a goat thing going on. It could be a witch's familiar, but those tend to look more like regular animals. To figure out the owner of those mystery fangs, we might have to rewind a few seconds. At just about the 0:23 mark, a massive full moon takes up the screen. Could that full moon have awoken a werewolf in the tiny town of Greendale? One of the horror comics published by Archie Comics is 'Jughead: the Hunger', which features our favorite hat-wearing goofball as part-man, part-beast. We probably won't be seeing Jughead on Sabrina any time soon (or will we?), but that doesn't mean another creature of the night can't make its way to Baxter High.

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7. Is Madam Satan On A Date?

Speaking of monsters, one of the best Sabrina characters to come out of Season One was Madam Satan. Posing as Sabrina's teacher, Madam Satan manipulated, plotted and even killed to make sure Sabrina fell into the clutches of her master, the Devil. It's a little weird, then, to see her in the Season Two trailer involved in what looks like a romantic evening with someone else. There are two chairs set at a candlelit dinner, with roses in the middle of the table. Doesn't this seem a little out of character for Lilith? Sure, she's used the art of seduction before. But that's usually just to manipulate Sabrina's principal or, you know, eat a kid. the circumstances of this shot leave a lot unanswered. One thing's for sure though, the evening probably did not go well for the person at the other end of that table...

6. Who is Ambrose Summoning?

Can't anyone on Sabrina just use a cell phone? The first season was full of the characters using spells, magic boxes, and even ritual sacrifice to call up spirits. Well, it looks like we'll get more summoning in this season. At the second 23 second mark, cousin Ambrose is blowing a horn into the night sky, presumably not to play the blues. He's surrounded by candles and the horn itself looks ancient and powerful. Who could this display of magic be meant to call? Whoever it is better get there fast; Ambrose definitely doesn't look like he's doing this for fun.

5. Is Hilda Back In The Church of Night?

For helping Sabrina's mother give her a Christian baptism, Aunt Hilda was excommunicated from her family's Satanic church. However, we might see her back in the fold by Season 2. Rocking an awesome leopard print outfit, Hilda can be seen at the 0:31 second mark surrounded by her family and Nick Scratch. They seem to be celebrating, including her devout sister Zelda. Does this mean Hilda has done something to win back the favor of Father Blackwood, High Priest of the Church? If so, it probably wasn't something too heroic. Father Blackwood is corrupt and manipulative. Getting his approval to return to the church could mean Hilda's done something...well, less innocent than baptizing a baby.

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4. Has Someone Died At Baxter High?

That's a lot of blood at the 30 second mark of the trailer. Whatever poor janitor got the job to clean it up is probably considering his/her retirement options right now. Especially since whatever lead to all the blood being on the floor doesn't typically happen at Baxter High. But what did happen to the floor at Sabrina's old school? It certainly doesn't look like a wound someone walked away from. And why are Sabrina and her pal Suzy just standing there, looking forlorn, depressed, maybe even a bit...guilty? Perhaps it's too much speculating to say that Suzy or Sabrina had anything to do with the blood, but whoever's fault it is should feel a bit guilty, They have definitely ruined one of the school's mops.

3. What's the Dark Lord's Plan For Sabrina?

Satan tried his damnedest (puns!) to get Sabrina on his team in her first outing. Judging by that last whisper in the teaser, he's still trying to use the powerful young witch to do his bidding. But what we still don't know is: why? We know Sabrina's special because of her half-mortal side, but what about that makes her power greater than that of other witches? And how will the Dark Lord use this power, if he does ever get the chance to completely control Sabrina Spellman? This may be the core question of the series, so don't bet on a complete answer in the next season. Gotta keep some mysteries unanswered, right?

2. Why Is Sabrina Burning Down Baxter High?

Now that we're talking about Satan's plans, let's get into one of the ways Sabrina seems to be accomplishing them in the teaser. Near the end, we see the floor of Baxter High covered in a thin liquid, with a can of gasoline at Sabrina's side. She lights a match, hears the command of the Beast, and suddenly our screens cut to the title. Why would Sabrina be committing arson? Even if Harvey and Roz are getting together, Sabrina still cares about them, and the other students at Baxter High. Plus, she's not really the arsonist type. And most importantly, why would someone use gasoline and a match to destroy a building when she could just use magic? I mean, it's one thing to waste the mystical gifts bestowed upon you by an unfathomable evil. It's another thing to forget how much gas costs.

1. Who Is After Sabrina?

Almost all of Sabrina's troubles in the first season began when she wouldn't sign her name in the Book of the Beast. Satan and his lackeys, Father Blackwood and Madam Satan, made her life hell until, eventually, she signed up. But as we can see from this teaser, Sabrina's not out of enemies. Did you see those bats coming at her at the 0:25 mark? Whoever sent them clearly doesn't wish her well. But who could that be? She's given the Devil his due, fulfilled what Blackwood and Madam Satan wanted for her, and she even found herself on better terms with the Weird Sisters. After all that, who would still want to harm Baxter High's favorite sorcerer?

Guess we'll have to wait until next spring to see.

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