Child's Play Video Game May Be in Development

The Child's Play franchise's Twitter account seems to be teasing a video game based on Chucky's murderous exploits could be coming soon.

Chucky Child's Play horror movie scissors

A video game based on the Child's Play film franchise could be in development. While video games based on successful movie franchises have been a reality ever since the early days of home consoles, one genre that's gotten surprisingly little representation in the realm of movie-licensed gaming is horror. As popular as horror games in general are, this seems odd, especially when fantastical franchises like A Nightmare On Elm Street and Hellraiser would seem like natural fits for an imaginative game world where anything one can think of could theoretically happen.

While there have been - and continue to be, thanks to projects like the upcoming Friday the 13th video game - a handful of exceptions to this rule, there are still precious few interactive versions of the world's favorite horror films. Which makes the following news all the more exciting for fright fans who also love gaming: Universal appears to be teasing the development of a video game based on the Child's Play (or Chucky) franchise. The diminutive killer doll is set to return to the film world later this year, with latest DTV sequel Cult of Chucky, and it looks like that might not be the only thing he could be doing on TV screens soon.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, the Child's Play franchise's Twitter account recently posted a rather specific poll, asking fans whether they would like to see a Chucky video game and supplying a list of possible platforms it would be released for. As one might imagine, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Check out the original tweet below.

Child's Play Video Game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC?

— Cult of Chucky (@curseofchucky_) April 12, 2017

To be fair, the above Tweet is obviously far from official confirmation that a Child's Play video game is indeed coming, but the specificity of the question posed is hard to ignore, especially the list of platforms. Thus, it would seem that someone affiliated with the franchise has a possible game on their radar for the future. Perhaps the large amount of interest in the aforementioned Friday the 13th: The Game has made Universal take notice.

Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time a video game starring Chucky has been teased. Back in 2011, Tiki Games announced development of a title called Chucky: Wanna Play?, which would have cast players as Chucky himself, and tasked them with fulfilling his nefarious soul-hiding goals. Sadly, they attempted to fund the game via a Kickstarter campaign in 2012, and came up woefully short of their needed goal. Hopefully the developers have better luck this time and Chucky can come to consoles soon.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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