Stephen King Raves About Child's Play Remake, Mark Hamill Responds

Horror author Stephen King gives his opinion on the Child's Play remake and the voice of Chucky, Mark Hamill, responds to the writer's comments.

Stephen King and Chucky from Childs Play

Horror author Stephen King has given his opinion about the Child's Play remake and the voice of Chucky, Mark Hamill, has responded. The Child's Play franchise started back in 1988 when Tom Holland released the first film in the series. The franchise has spawned a total of six sequels and just this year, the Child's Play remake was released.

Even though the original film is beloved by horror fans, MGM made a lot of changes to Chucky in their remake to focus on a satirical look at the digital age. In the new movie, Chucky is a high-tech doll that can connect with several different Kaslan electronics. The origin of Chucky was also changed, with the doll becoming self-aware after a factory worker turns off the safety protocols and commits suicide at the factory. The Child's Play remake received mixed reviews, but many people praised the film for being an entertaining reimagining of the original. Now the horror legend has also commended the remake.

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When talking to Entertainment Weekly about his recommendations for this Halloween season, he recommended that people see the new Child's PlayKing said he didn't see the film in theaters because he thought it would be, "another warmed-over sequel", but after he saw it, he praised the acting, script, and overall gruesomeness of the movie. King went as far as to say, "Mark Hamill does the voice of Chucky and I just f***ing loved that movie." After seeing King's approval of the movie, Hamill took to Twitter to express how honored he was to be a part of a movie that King enjoyed. Hamill's full tweet can be seen below:

MGM released their remake of Child's Play this year, but Child's Play creator Don Mancini isn't done with the franchise just yet. His Child's Play storyline will continue in 2020, when the first-ever Child's Play TV show comes to Syfy. Not a lot is known about the show just yet, but the series will act as a sequel to Cult of Chucky. It's also worth mentioning that Mancini seems to resent MGM's remake, especially since he rejected a producer credit on Child's Play.

While Mancini's opinion on the remake certainly means a lot to long-time fans of the series, King's opinion should also mean something. With as well respected as King is in the horror community, his approval of the Child's Play remake is no doubt good publicity for the film. It's still unknown if the Child's Play remake will get a sequel or not, but King's praise of the film certainly wouldn't hurt the prospect of one.

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Source: Entertainment WeeklyMark Hamill

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