Child's Play Remake Motion Poster Reveals Mark Hamill's Chucky Laugh

New Chucky In Child's Play Reboot

The upcoming Child's Play remake debuts a new motion poster that gives audiences their first taste of Mark Hamill's chilling Chucky laugh. Released in 1988, the original Child's Play put a new spin on the popular slasher genre by making the bad guy a killer doll possessed by the soul of an executed murderer. The killer doll Chucky became so iconic that he would live on through a series of sequels, eventually even getting his own bride.

Over 30 years after Chucky first hacked his way into the hearts of horror fans, Child's Play is getting a reboot featuring a re-imagined killer doll. Instead of being possessed by the soul of a killer, the new Chucky is a high-tech toy that goes haywire and begins menacing a mother and her son. With a new Chucky comes a new Chucky voice, and none other than Hamill is the one doing the voice performance for the character in the new film (replacing original Chucky actor Brad Dourif).

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Now, Child's Play has given fans a little taste of Hamill's new take on Chucky with a motion poster previewing the actor's chilling Chucky laugh. The new poster comes on the heels of a pair of previous posters that featured Chucky murdering the Easter Bunny and then taking out Woody from Toy Story. This time, things are definitely more scary than humorous, as Chucky picks up his favorite knife and menaces a sleeping Andy. See the poster below:

Chucky may have a new voice and origin story, but it's clear that the character won't change very much from the killer doll of the original movie. Of course, Hamill is arguably the perfect person to be the new voice of Chucky, given his long experience with voice acting for animated films and particularly his acclaimed performance as the Joker in various Batman animated properties. Hamill has long since perfected the art of the maniacal cackle thanks to his role as the Joker, and it's obvious that particular skill came in handy when he created his new voice for Chucky. Fans who still prefer the old Chucky are in luck as well, as original Child's Play creator Don Mancini is bringing the character to Syfy for a new series that's unrelated to the remake film.

Of course, as the original Child's Play and its sequels still have many fans, the new movie may have a difficult battle ahead convincing hardcores to embrace its new take on Chucky. It remains to be seen if Chucky can still scare up numbers at theaters, or if horror fans would prefer to leave this particular killer doll in the box.

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