Child's Play Movie Reboot Trailer Reportedly Coming Next Week

Chucky from Childs Play reboot

The first trailer for MGM and Orion Pictures' upcoming Child's Play reboot could potentially debut next week. The film is set to arrive in theaters this summer, and while two teaser posters have been released to build excitement, fans have been waiting for a glimpse at the new film, as this will be Chucky's first appearance on the big screen since 2004's Seed of Chucky. Despite the reboot, original franchise creator Don Mancini is still continuing his vision of the pint-sized killer doll on cable television - separate from the movie.

Originally introduced in 1988, the Child's Play franchise has been through several ups and downs, with the lowest point being Seed of Chucky, which left the series untouched for nearly a decade. Chucky himself has evolved over the years and is recognized as one of the greatest slashers among horror icons. The killer Chucky doll has been a huge staple in the horror genre for over 30 years, and for a long time he was one of the only icons not to fall victim to the reboot/remake treatment. Shortly after Mancini announced he was moving forward with a TV show, MGM began developing their own spin on the original concept. Similar to the 1988 classic, the upcoming reboot will follow a mother who gives her son a toy doll as a birthday gift, unaware of the doll's sinister nature. For those who have been anticipating a first look at the film, the wait could be coming to an end next week.

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According to TrailerTrack, the first trailer for MGM and Orion Pictures' Child's Play reboot could debut next week. As reported by TrailerTrack, the trailer was sent to theaters alongside upcoming horror movie The Prodigy, which starts playing Thursday evening Feb. 7, and will screen before the movie. As such, the trailer may debut online sometime before being screened in theaters.

Brian Tyree Henry and Aubrey Plaza in Child's Play

Fans of the killer doll's reign of terror have been split on the upcoming project, so this upcoming preview could make or break the movie for some viewers. Many feel the reboot is unnecessary, while others are patiently waiting to see Chucky return to the big screen even if it's not canon to the original franchise.

Even though Chucky is returning to the big screen, Brad Dourif will not be tagging along, as he will continue to participate in Mancini's continuity. Dourif has voiced the foul-mouthed slasher in every Child's Play film since its inception, so this will be the first movie in the franchise without his participation. Wanting to separate itself from the original concept, this new take will feature a technologically advanced Chucky doll wreaking havoc. Adding to that, several fans were concerned that the doll's name would be changed, but the name will remain Chucky.

Despite the split reception to the reboot, MGM holds the rights to the original Child's Play, so they can move forward regardless of Mancini's vision carrying on or not. Fans who want nothing to do with the upcoming film can still look forward to the TV series, which will air on Syfy. However, those who can't wait for two versions of Chucky can look forward to both and rejoice when the Child's Play trailer arrives next week.

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Source: TrailerTrack

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