Does Child's Play 2019 Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Chucky with Red Eyes in Childs Play

Chucky is making his way back to the big screen with the Child's Play remake. Does Lars Klevberg's re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic go full modern movie with a post-credits scene? Many moviegoers believe that post-credits scenes are used solely for superhero franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe but the horror genre is no stranger when it comes to credits scenes. In fact, Child's Play even had one in 2013's Curse of Chucky.

The latest Child's Play movie serves as a remake and reboot of the franchise, seeing horror's favorite pint-sized menace terrorizes his new owner, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). This time around, the movie has subverted the reliance on supernatural forces and instead portrays Chucky (voiced by Mark Hamill) as a robot who becomes self-aware.

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If you're planning to stay in your seats following Chucky's chaotic murder spree, here's a warning: Child's Play doesn't have a post-credits scene. That doesn't mean you shouldn't stick around, though, because there is a special audio clip for viewers towards the end of the credits. Bear McCreary's eerie score that plays over the credits mixes strange choir music with sounds of toys and, at the end, Hamill can be heard singing "Buddi's Song" in a manner much creepier than in the film.

For those not able to stay for the end credits, Hamill's performance as a very unhinged-sounding Chucky can also be heard on Child's Play's official soundtrack. Hamill's singing begins around the 3:09-minute mark on the clip below:

The audio clip of Chucky singing doesn't necessarily mean that there will be a sequel, but it certainly leaves the door open for one. Indeed, it does closely resemble the post-credits audio from 2017's IT; "Oranges and Lemons" playing over the credits ended with a sinister chuckle from Pennywise, teasing IT Chapter Two. The Buddi Song similarily ended with Chucky letting out a menacing laugh right after the lyrics promised that he would be a friend to Andy until the day he dies.

Child's Play's chances at a sequel will ultimately hinge on its performance at the box office. Based on early reviews, things are looking bright, and a low budget means it shouldn't be too difficult to turn a profit. The fact that Chucky has such a cult following certainly doesn't hurt.

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