Child's Play: First Look Image Of Chucky Doll Voiced By Mark Hamill

Chucky from Childs Play reboot

Orion Pictures releases a first look Chucky image for the Child’s Play reboot. Based on the original horror film, the upcoming reboot will feature Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. In the previous franchise films, Brad Dourif voiced the famous movie villain. 

Created by Don Mancini, John Lafia, and Tom Holland, the Chucky character first appeared in the 1988 film Child’s Play. Catherine Hicks stars as Karen Barclay, who purchases a doll that just so happens to carry the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Dourif). Produced for $9 million, Child’s Play earned over $44 million at the box office, and has since been recognized as a cult classic of ‘80s horror. Based on the popularity of the devilish central villain, the film spawned six sequels over the years, however Chucky is now being pulled in two creative directions because of a legal matter. Child's Play: The TV Series is being developed by Mancini and David Kirschner (the original creative team), yet the original movie rights still belong to MGM. The upcoming Child’s Play reboot will be distributed by MGM’s Orion Pictures, along with United Artists Releasing.

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To promote the upcoming Child’s Play release, Orion Pictures released a first look image of the doll “Buddi.” Framed like a Caravaggian figure, the doll looks off into the distance with the chiaroscuro lighting establishing a specific mood. The name “Buddi” is front and center, however it’s partially covered by a massive knife that will undoubtedly be used by the mischievous baddie. As a whole, the doll isn’t especially menacing, as there’s no blood, scars, or any evidence of a recent crime. Incidentally, the artwork becomes crucial as the lighting draws attention to Buddi’s roaming eye and the weapon that he wields. Check out the first look Child's Play image below.

Child's Play Chucky Buddi First Look

Last February, Orion Pictures released the first teaser trailer for the Child’s Play reboot. In the film, Aubrey Plaza stars as Karen Barclay, while Brian Tyree Henry portrays Detective Mike Norris. Over the past two months, there’s been little news about the film, with the exception being the recent voice casting of Hamill. The official announcement was made at WonderCon, with the iconic Star Wars actor stating he would "present the character in a way you've never seen him before.” Since Dourif will voice Chucky in Syfy’s upcoming Child’s Play series, fans have been waiting to see who Orion Pictures would enlist to portray such a famous movie villain, and the selection ensures that Hamill’s vast international fanbase will check out the new reboot.

For some franchise fans, the new Child’s Play reboot may feel like a betrayal, as the original creatives aren’t involved with the film. However, the reboot underlines the cultural relevance of Chucky, and speaks to the horror genre's cultural impact. While the look and sound of Chucky, or “Buddi,” may be different, the premise remains the same. And it will be fascinating to see if Child’s Play kills at the box office, or if the new franchise interpretation sets an example of how not to reboot a popular horror film.

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