Child's Play: Chucky Slays the Easter Bunny in Holiday Promo Art

Nobody is safe from Chucky, not even the Easter Bunny, as seen in new promo art for Child's Play. Kids in the late 1980s and early 1990s are well acquainted with the fear of their favorite toy coming to life in an evil manner, thanks to director Tom Holland’s Child’s Play (1988). The film spawned six sequels, the most recent one released in 2017 and titled Cult of Chucky.

Three decades after the original film was released comes a remake, with Lars Klevberg as director, and a new Chucky doll that went through some major changes in order to make it more modern (and scarier, in a way). Child’s Play will feature a now-called “Buddi” doll with a bunch of technological enhancements, including a voice recognition engine and sensors to make interaction even more real, and dangerous. The new Chucky has everything to make a whole town go into panic mode, and no one will be safe from his evil nature – including the Easter Bunny.

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A new promo poster for Child’s Play was released today to commemorate Easter (via Bloody Disgusting), only not in the cute, innocent way many would expect – after all, we’re talking about a killer doll. The poster features Chucky, seen from above, holding a bloody knife on one hand, the Easter Bunny on the other (luckily, we can only see its ears), and a trail of blood, broken Easter egg shells, and candy. Maybe the Easter bunny should have stayed away from the Barclays’ house.

Child's Play Easter poster

Child’s Play will follow the basic plot of the original film, with a mother (Aubrey Plaza) who gives her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of the horrible events this innocent gift will bring. The origin of Chucky’s evil nature will be entirely different from the original, with no voodoo and black magic involved: this time, given that the doll is all about technology, it was programmed to be evil, as briefly seen in the latest trailer. Buddi dolls can control all electronic items from Kaslan Corporation, making the new Chucky even more dangerous as he'll not just rely on a knife – he has a wide variety of items at his disposal.

The crew behind Child’s Play are making sure the audience knows this new Chucky is not messing around, and that the story can be modernized without leaving the darkness and scare factor of the original behind. Add Mark Hamill voicing the new and improved Chucky and fans have a film that's on its way to terrorizing new generations of horror fans. If the Easter Bunny isn’t safe from this menace, then who will be?

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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