Child’s Play BTS Video Shows How the New Chucky Was Created

Chucky In Child's Play

A new behind-the-scenes video from the Child’s Play reboot shows off the new Chucky and reveals how the character was brought to life for the film. Chucky first slashed his way to the silver screen back in 1988 for Tom Holland’s Child’s Play. Over the years, the franchise has gotten multiple sequels, which quickly turned Chucky into a horror icon. Now, Orion Pictures is rebooting the franchise. 

Ever since the Child’s Play remake with a high tech Chucky was announced last July, there has been a lot of marketing material for the film. Fans got their first glimpse of the new Chucky a few months after the movie was announced, and Orion even went as far as creating a website to promote the fictional “Buddi” dolls, which has been host to marketing material, such as festive Christmas cards featuring Chucky. Orion has also been playful with the Child’s Play posters, which have featured Chucky killing the Easter Bunny and even butchering the character Woody from the Toy Story films. Now, the studio has released a new behind-the-scenes video from the set of Child’s Play. 

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The video was shared on the Orion Pictures YouTube page, which has been continually updated throughout the film’s production and post-production. Cast members in the behind-the-scenes video briefly discuss why Chucky is a “smart doll” in the movie, before the crew members go into more detail on how Chucky was created. The video explains that six animatronic Chucky dolls with plastic exoskeletons and foam latex skin were built for the film and were then controlled by three to four puppeteers. The full video can be viewed below.  

While a reboot of Child’s Play is coming this year, the original series is still continuing in the form of a TV show. Child’s Play: The Series, currently under the working title Chucky, is being helmed by Child’s Play creator Don Mancini and will be released on Syfy in 2020. Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif is on board for Mancini’s TV series, but won’t be a part of the upcoming reboot. Mancini also won’t have anything to do with Lars Klevberg’s reboot and has even negatively reacted to the look of the new Chucky.

Mancini no doubt seems irked by the reboot, but longtime horror fans have also been troubled by certain decisions concerning the film. Klevberg is taking a lot of liberties with Child’s Play, from the modern high tech design to the changes in Chucky’s origin story, which have left longtime fans of the series nervous about the reboot. That being said, some fans have started to come around now that Orion announced Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. Klevberg could also see more people rally behind the reboot now that this video has been released. Not only does it give fans a better look at Chucky, but it also reveals all of the hard work that is being put into the practical effects to bring Chucky to life in Child’s Play. 

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Source: Orion Pictures

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