Child's Play: How Chucky Got A Bride

Bride of Chucky introduced a murderous companion for Chucky: Tiffany. And her story is rather weird, even by the franchise's standards.

Childs Play Chucky Bride

Child's Play introduced audiences to a doll whose evil nature knew no bounds, to the point where Chucky got himself a bride, but how did it happen? The slasher doll's bride first appeared in Bride of Chucky, and it was a rather weird introduction even by the franchise’s standards. Bride of Chucky was the fourth installment in the Child's Play saga, and took some liberties with its tone, leaning more on comedy than the previous films did.

Bride of Chucky also had a slight change in the plot, as it was more focused on Chucky’s life than on his victims, although he was still looking to transfer his soul (and now the Bride's as well) to a human body. Tiffany, also referred to as “the Bride”, appeared in the sequels Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and Cult of Chucky, but how was she created?

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The Bride was created the same way Chucky was brought to life: through black magic. Tiffany (played and voiced by Jennifer Tilly) was a former girlfriend of serial killer Charles Lee Ray – aka Chucky – who got the dismembered parts of the Chucky doll and stitched them together as she was convinced Ray’s soul was still in it. She then performed the same voodoo ritual Ray used in the first Child's Play film to transfer his soul into the doll, and after a couple of attempts, Chucky came back to life. Tiffany, believing that a diamond ring left by Ray the night he was killed was an engagement ring, presented it to Chucky, who told her it was simply a ring he stole. She locked him in a playpen and gave him a doll in a wedding dress to make fun of him. Little did she know, that doll was about to be her new body.

Bride of Chucky

Chucky escaped from the playpen and killed Tiffany, transferring her soul into the bride doll she had made. Chucky eventually proposed to her after being impressed by her abilities and creativity as a killer, and it all got weirder when they had sex. Their mission to transfer their souls into human bodies failed, with Chucky being killed (but not really because he always comes back) and Tiffany left unconscious – only to wake up all of a sudden, screaming, as she was giving birth to a (murderous) baby doll.

Chucky’s relationship with the Bride is far from healthy, with them constantly fighting and being physically abusive to each other. It gets even stranger in the sequels, with the Bride finally transferring her soul by the end of Seed of Chucky… into Jennifer Tilly’s body. Due to a rights issue between franchise creator Don Mancini and the team behind the new Child’s Play films, it’s unlikely that the Bride will appear in the remake’s timeline, so the Bride’s story will remain as it is right now: weird and bloody.

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