10 Most Brutal Child's Play Kills, Ranked

Child's Play and the Chuckie movies toe the line between horror and comedy. Regardless, each movie is packed with gruesome deaths.

He may be an archaic toy from the ‘80s, but the notorious serial-killing Good Guy doll known as Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) – formerly the voodoo-using serial killer Charles Lee Ray (also Dourif) – has remained a popular slasher killer and pop culture fixation for more than three decades for good reason. And that reason is murder.

Over the course of his enduring cinematic career, Chucky (and eventually his wife Tiffany) racked up a massive body count comprised of creatively memorable kills. As the remake of the 1988 movie opens on June 21st, 2019 and with the future of the original Chucky series being brighter than ever before, there’s no better time to reminisce about the doll’s murderous legacy.

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Here are the 10 most brutal Child’s Play kills, including some from the remake, ranked according to both story and physical impact.

11 Special Mention: Chucky Falls – Child’s Play 3

For a slasher series about a murderous doll, the doll himself is the one usually on the receiving end of the excessive displays of violence. As lackluster as his death – getting flung into a giant fan and exploding – is in the already underwhelming Child’s Play 3, it’s worth mentioning that the series' third chapter gave Chucky his current iconic look.

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The injuries Chucky sustains here are permanent, with his facial scars and torn limbs serving as a plot device in the subsequent entry, Bride of Chucky.

10 “Britney Spears” – Seed of Chucky

Chucky’s fifth massacre takes place in Hollywood, so it’s not surprising that some celebrities ended up dead. His most memorable celebrity victim is Britney Spears (Nadia Dina Ariqat), with the pop sensation cutting in front of Chucky’s car before flipping the bird.

What makes her death noteworthy is its hilarious randomness and pettiness. Britney may have been rude but she’s nothing compared to the sleazy characters portrayed by John Waters and Redman. Nevertheless, Chucky obliterates the celebrity by knocking her car off a cliff and into a fiery explosion.

9 Chief Warren Kincaid – Bride of Chucky

Jade’s domineering and power-obsessed uncle, Warren Kincaid, is both the Chief of Police and the unluckiest victim in the fourth Chucky movie. Instead of dying instantaneously as intended, Warren was unfortunate to survive long enough for Chucky to stab him to death.

To put things in context, Warren gets enough nails slammed into his face to make him resemble Hellraiser’s Pinhead, gets shoved into a van’s compartment box, and wakes up screaming to the sight of two murderous dolls in a lovers’ quarrel. Granted, he deserved to get knocked down a peg but it didn’t have to be so torturous.

8 Maggie Peterson – Child’s Play (1988)

Chucky’s very first kill is also one of his most merciless. All Maggie – Karen’s best friend and Andy’s babysitter – did was tuck Andy and Chucky into bed before getting a hammer to the face and falling out of the apartment window to her death, showing just how merciless and unpredictable the serial-killing doll is.

Maggie’s sudden death isn’t only the first of Chucky’s cinematic body count that would only grow as the years and sequels passed by, but it also cemented the unapologetic tone and brutality of the Child’s Play franchise.

7 Diane & Russ; Claire - Bride of Chucky & Cult of Chucky

While on the run, Jesse and Jade stop at a motel only to get robbed blind by the conmen couple Diane and Russ. Disgusted, Tiffany pays the thieves a visit and murders them by flinging a champagne bottle at a mirrored ceiling which results in a shower of shards that quickly kills the two.

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Getting stabbed by a piece of glass is one thing, but dying in a rain of reflective blades is another. This death was so memorable that it was reused in the franchise’s seventh entry, only retold in a more serious tone and with a lot more blood and decapitations.

6 Shane – Child’s Play (2019)

As the sequels went on, Chucky developed a knack for finding victims who deserved their grisly fates. The remake upholds this tradition with its first major victim: Karen’s rude boyfriend who also sleeps with her behind his family’s back.

It’s worth noting that Shane’s demise hearkens back to the franchise’s signature comical kills, where Chucky shows off his playfully sadistic side. The remake doesn’t hold back, graphically showing how the two-timing jerk meets the wrong ends of a ladder, a lawnmower, and a knife. What remains of him also serves as a great punchline.

5 Gabe – Child’s Play (2019)

Shane’s murder may have been rather eventful but it’s nothing compared to Gabe’s, the apartment building’s resident technician and sex offender. Gabe repairs the damaged Chucky for Ebay money, only to find out that he built his own demise.

His death is more of a hunt than a typical murder, as Gabe is stalked and stabbed by the murderous doll lurking in the shadows. The tense sequence ends in an appropriately visceral manner, and it would’ve been easier to feel bad for Gabe if he didn’t install cameras in people’s apartments – including Karen’s bathroom.

4 Dr. Foley – Cult of Chucky

Of all the repulsive people Chucky has killed, his last victim in Cult of Chucky may very well be the worst. Along with gaslighting and manipulating his patients, Dr. Foley sexually assaulted Nica during their hypnotherapy sessions.

Even Chucky is disgusted albeit somewhat impressed by this, which isn’t enough to save Dr. Foley’s face from getting bloodily caved in by Nica after Charles Lee Ray successfully transfers his soul into her body. While not the series’ most elaborate kill, the death's simplicity and bluntness are more than enough to sell it.

3 Chucky Gets Quartered – Seed of Chucky

Another tradition in the Chucky movies is seeing the iconic multiple-murdering doll meet a very violent end. Seed of Chucky dishes out the franchise’s expected brand of poetic justice but throws in a bit of family drama for good measure.

In the series’ fifth entry, Chucky’s newfound child, Glen, avenges his mother Tiffany after his father shoots her in the head. The short and comical kung-fu fight between the puppets ends on a brutal note when Glen uses an ax to chop Chucky’s limbs one by one, ending with a beheading. For a doll, Chucky sure bleeds a lot.

2 Chucky At The Factory – Child’s Play 2

Chucky may be an old-school children's toy but he can tank a lot of damage, and this was proven extremely well by his gruesome fate in the franchise’s first sequel. After losing his legs and a hand to factory hazards, Chucky receives even more pain when Andy douses him in molten plastic.

This, however, isn’t even the end. Kyle shoves an air hose into the somehow still alive Chucky’s mouth, which predictably leads to the doll’s head exploding in a shower of blood and brain matter. While bordering on self-parody, the over-the-top death is still satisfying.

1 Chucky Gets Fired – Child’s Play (1988)

The best depiction of Chucky’s imperviousness can be found in his introductory movie and death. Being set ablaze in a fireplace wasn’t enough to kill the pint-sized murderer, and it took a bunch of gunshots and some eviscerating to put him down for good – at least for the first time.

This was also the first time that the extent of his endurance was shown, where his burnt, headless body could still walk, choke, and stab. A bullet to his heart finally put an end to his rampage, but he took a lot of damage before getting to that point.

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