Child's Play 2019's End-Credits Teases The REAL Chucky

The Child’s Play end credits tease a return to form for Chucky. Here's why the final song matters, and what fans can expect moving forward.

Child's Play 2019 Real Original Chucky

The Child’s Play end credits tease a return to form for Chucky. In the original 1988 film, Brad Dourif voiced the knife-wielding villain, with voodoo allowing the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray to inhabit a Good Guys doll. For the 2019 Child’s Play remake, Mark Hamill voices Chucky and provides a more subtle performance as the rogue Buddi doll. By the end, though, his menacing interpretation of the Buddi theme song suggests the inevitable sequel will feature an out of control Chucky.

In Child’s Play 2019, Chucky’s motivations are directly connected to his artificial intelligence existence. He doesn’t initially kill for thrills, but had his safeguards against violence and other bad behavior removed by a disgruntled Kaslan Products employee in Vietnam. When Chucky finds a home with the Barclay family, he learns to protect young Andy at all costs. First, he strangles a cat. Later, he’s educated by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and interprets the kids' laughter at the movie to mean that violence makes them happy. Chucky slowly evolves into his true self with each new experience, and learns to use his A.I. skills to his advantage. He trolls people with audio recordings, and becomes a calculated killer thanks to his digital DNA.  

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Child’s Play ends with Chucky seemingly being killed (and dismembered), but he manages to survive in the Kaslan cloud system. Here’s how the end credits tease the REAL Chucky.

Child's Play's End-Credits Tease: Chucky Goes Joker

Chucky in the Childs Play Remake

The Child’s Play remake doesn’t have a post-credits sequence. However, the film does include a chilling musical performance by none other than the aforementioned Hamill as Chucky. He sings the Buddi doll theme song, and goes full Joker with the vocal delivery. It’s not hard to imagine Chucky’s face contorting while singing every line, with each and every syllable receiving a different level of emphasis. For the inevitable Child’s Play sequel, expect Hamill to really dig deep for an original take on the new A.I. version of Chucky.

How Will Chucky Be Different In Child's Play 2?

Child's Play 2

So, what exactly could Hamill do to make Chucky unique in the next Child's Play? It doesn’t really make sense to channel Charles Lee Ray, as Child’s Play 2019 separates itself from the original film's voodoo premise (though the new movie does begin, as the original did, with a death at a toy factory). Hamill could leave the cheerful, robotic voice behind entirely to conjure up a truly deranged interpretation of Chucky, or perhaps go for a warped version of the character’s A.I. voice to maintain the techno-horror. Also, keep in mind that Chucky records audio and repeats what he hears - whether it's character's angry statements about one another, or the dying cries of his victims. If Chucky continues to become more self-aware in the next Child's Play installment, he can use a variety of voices to terrify and troll poor Andy. 

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