All The Buddi Dolls & Variants In Child's Play 2019

The new Child's Play introduced a new Chucky with new motivations and backstory, but it also brought different variants of the new Buddi Doll.

Childs Play 2019 Chucky Buddi

Lars Klevberg’s Child’s Play 2019 introduced a new Chucky with very different motivations and backstory, as well as other variations of the now called Buddi Doll. This new version of director Tom Holland’s slasher classic followed the same basic plot of the original but adapted to the digital era, with the Buddi Doll arriving with a number of technological enhancements.

Among its many features, the Buddi Doll comes with voice recognition, the ability to learn from human interaction, and the ability to control other Kaslan products around, all while saving the information it gathers to the cloud. Child's Play follows only one doll, which was programmed to have no filters whatsoever by a factory worker that later killed himself, but it also showed other variants of the doll that could represent a menace in the near future.

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Early on in Child's Play 2019, a customer approaches Karen (Aubrey Plaza) at the store she works at to return a Buddi Doll as he wanted the blonde one, not the redhead. The blonde doll is part of the second line of dolls, released later in the movie. The Buddi 2 line has three other variants aside from the blonde one, but only two are shown: POC and Bear. Near the end, when Chucky hacks other toys and drones to kill all those trapped in the supermarket, viewers get a taste of killer Buddi Bear dolls.

The fifth variant is never shown nor mentioned, but it could very well be a female Buddi Doll, thus making way for a fan-favorite character from the Child’s Play franchise: Tiffany, aka the Bride. Sadly, it’s unlikely that the Bride will appear soon, as the franchise is in the middle of a rights issue, with franchise creator Don Mancini working on a Child’s Play TV series and keeping the rights to some characters, including the Bride. Still, the team behind the reboot could find a way around it to bring a female doll without it literally being Tiffany.

For now, the Buddi Doll variants are:

  • Redhead Buddi
  • Blonde Buddi
  • POC Buddi
  • Buddi Bear
  • Unrevealed Buddi Doll (possibly female doll)

Although Chucky was destroyed and dismembered by the end of the film, all his data is still stored in the cloud, making it possible for one of the Buddi variants to become the next killer if a sequel is to happen. Lars Klevberg has previously shared his interest in exploring the Buddi Bear concept, which would give a whole different twist to the Child’s Play franchise – and would be a good alternative to the Bride, if they are still unable to use her.

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