Chicago PD: 10 Worst Episodes (According To IMDb)

When it comes to Primetime TV, NBC takes pleasure in providing fans with well-written drams and comedies. For the One Chicago shows, creator Dick Wolfe has done a wonderful job breaking down the streets and hospitals of Chicago. In this article, we'll break down the 10 worst episodes of Chicago PD, according to IMDb.

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We've seen our fair share of cop dramas over the years with all types of storylines to either draw us in or make us want to turn the station. However, Chicago PD has gone strong since it first aired in 2014. Now, that's not to say that every episode has been rated a 10. Here are the 10 worst episodes of Chicago PD.

10 Erin's Mom (Season 2, Episode 14) Rating 7.6

Bunny is out to try to make amends with her daughter Erin. While she's hesitant at first, Lindsay takes Bunny in to see Voight so she could give the Unit the rundown on what's going on. Voight is not buying the information as Bunny is not known as having a great track record. However, he conceded to his feelings and sends Lindsay and Jay to get the lay of the land.

"Erin's Mom" was centered on Bunny and her shady business. What she didn't factor in was the consequences of dealing and lying to Voight. I guess it's good when your daughter is a cop and has the ear of one of the toughest men in Chicago. In the end, it was Lindsay who saved her and Voight who paid all her debt to a pimp she owed money to.

9 We Don't Work Together Anymore (Season 2, Episode 11) Rating 7.6

Linsay is now a member of the Task Force and on her first assignment, she calls in the Intelligence Unit for help. She just can't stay away, can she? In this episode, we also get to see the dislike that Alvin has for Burgess when Voight gives Kim Erin's vacant spot on the team. While Alvin has his likable moments, he's never been too fond of women being on the team, aside from Lindsay.

What should have been a great episode just didn't have the normal spark like the rest. Yes, Erin is on a new job which may have led to a spinoff like Chicago Justice, but it just didn't work. Instead of giving Erin an assignment to handle on her own, the writers pulled some wool over our eyes and still made her call in the old troops.

8 Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw (Season 2, Episode 4) Rating 7.6

Someone out to kill Halstead. Going undercover always has its risks and getting in either too deep or finding yourself in a serious situation is always a possibility. For Halstead, it all went wrong when a bullet meant for him hits the wrong person. As much weight as Voight has on the streets, not even he can get the bounty removed at first.

Dawson, going through a divorce, decided to take on a second gig doing private security. As usual with Dawson, nothing ever goes as planned or smoothly. Burgess and Roman are assigned gun buy-back duty in which they received a gun that was used in a murder.

7 Get My Cigarettes (Season 2, Episode 2) Rating 7.6

Never get on Voight's bad side. Growing up in Chicago, Voight has made many enemies but friends as well. When he learns that his friend was a victim in a string of murders, it gets personal for him. Voight is doing anything possible to find the killer but keeps coming up cold. He then goes to an old police hangout and finds that he's no longer welcomed there. Voight's name is dirt in his old circle.

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On the other side of things is the broken relationship between Voight and Lindsay. Once the great father/daughter combo, their bond has been broken due to a few bad decisions. Once Bunny came back it sort of threw Voight for a loop. And then Linsay confessed about her dealings with IA. Just bad vibes this entire episode.

6 Thirty Balloons (Season 1, Episode 5) Rating 7.6

"Thirty Balloons" begins with Chicago PD fans wondering if Hank Voight is indeed a dirty cop. One of Voight's guys gets arrested and when Voights gets to the scene, he informs the arresting officer to cut the guy loose. The man tells Voight he would pay him $2000 but Voight demands that he pays him $5000 by the end of the day.

Burgess and Atwater offer help to a young girl who just happens to have 30 balloons of heroin in her stomach. The manhunt is now on to find the supplier. While that storyline is growing, Hank tears into Lindsay regarding her life choices. He knows about the relationship with Halstead and wants Erin not to distract Jay.

5 What Puts You On The Ledge (Season 2, Episode 16) Rating 7.5

Voight, although he runs a tight ship, often lets his team members figure things out for themselves. In this episode, He finally comes clean (sort of) and lets Jay know that he knows what he's been trying to keep secret. This episode, Mouse becomes a fixture in the Unit as their lead tech guy. "What Puts You On The Ledge" is one of those episodes where the writers dropped the ball again.

There was a chance at greatness with the Lindsay, Voight, and Halstead triangle but then you had the lead storyline. Antonio being undercover just doesn't add the same excitement as Halsted going under. In the end, the team managed to take down the drug crew but using a storyline of a cop who turns rouge is a bit of recycled writing.

4 Chin Check (Season 1, Episode 3) Rating 7.5

The first true episode regarding the personal lives of the Intelligence Unit. It seems the writers took a page out of the Chicago Fire strategy and tried to make the cops a bit more lovable. Newcomer Adam has issues he's dealing with outside of work and still trying his best to find his footing with the team.

Antonio's wife wants to thank his CI, Jasmine, for helping them get their son back in which Antonio is against but decides to do anyway. Erin is happy Justin is coming home from prison and wants to bond with her brother figure. It was a great idea for the writers to go this route, but for a show centered around high-risk action, they failed.

3 Get Back To Even (Season 2, Episode 18) Rating 7.4

The Voight and Halsted's issues go back farther than most can remember. When two gang members are found dead at a scene, he begins to questions his leaders' motives (sounds familiar), when he finds one of Voight's cards on them. This sends Halstead into a frenzy.

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When Jay questions Voight about the card, Voight defends the young man Clay. Halstead, not buying it, decides to do some digging of his on without Voight's consent and makes things worse. He admits that his call was wrong but Voight does no care for the apology.

2 Say Her Real Name (Season 2, Episode 17) Rating 7.4

The coming-out party for Adam Ruzek went down in this episode. After early issues trying to fit in with the team, Ruzek played this episode well. With the Intelligence Unit going undercover at the World Trade Conference, Ruzek becomes the focal point of this storyline. He befriends a call girl named Sierra who is later killed.

What's also interesting about the episode is the dynamic between Ruzek and his girlfriend Burgess. While Ruzek is out for revenge for a woman she barely knows, Burgess is a bit jealous. However, her partner Roman informs her that he's dealing with the death of someone he knew and she needs to support him.

1 Disco Bob (Season 2, Episode 12) Rating 7.4

There seems to be a trend between Adam Ruzek and IMDb. A nice chunk of the least favorite episodes involves a Ruzek storyline. In "Disco Bob" this one surrounds Ruzek's father. While not the best of relationships, there is still respect there. However, there is some tension between Ruzek's dad and Voight (go figure).

What this episode boils down to is misinformation. Ruzek has a problem thinking his dad didn't take the job to the full extent. His dad informs him that he made his decisions so his son could grow up with a father. On the other side of the coin, Erin decides to return to the Intelligence Unit where she and Jay rekindle their romance.

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