Chicago PD: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

Chicago PD features a lot of interesting characters but there are some hidden details about them that most fans probably missed.

Fans of Chicago PD can tell you in many ways why they love the show. The acting is good, the storylines are great, and as for suspense and action, there's nothing better out there. But what happens when the internet is down and the TV goes off? Can a fan close their eyes and try to remember the small stuff concerning members of the cast?

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We know that Hank Voight is tough. We know that Antonio Dawson is a bit of a snob and that Adam Ruzek was once viewed as a traitor. But what about the things that may have been mentioned in a split second that was of some importance and we just forgot? What about the way Hailey and Kim wear their hair? Or, how many tight shirts does Kevin Atwater own?

Here are 10 Hidden Details About the Main Characters From Chicago PD.

10 Hank Voight Never Holds His Gun With Both Hands

Most cops will enter a scene with their gun drawn for protection. This is natural, the way they were taught but then you have those select few who just do things their own way. Hank Voight is not one known to do things by the book. Look at the way every officer enters a scene. Guns are drawn to the face and ready to shoot. However, Voight is different. When he enters, normally his gun is down by his side and he walks as if there is no sign of danger. It's a dangerous approach but one that seemingly works for him.

9 Antonio's First Partner Committed Suicide

Ever wonder why Antonio hates Internal Affairs so much? During his rookie year, Antonio lost his partner Sean Patterson to a suicide attempt. The reason for that suicide was because of the pressure IA put on Patterson over doctored timecards. Antonio has tried to help take Voight down at least twice but that was when Voight was viewed as being a dirty cop. Since being in the Intelligence Unit, Antonio has learned how much Voight can be trusted. He's been approached twice by IA to turn Voight in, and maybe, despite not liking Voight at the time, his hatred for IA may have been the reason he turned them down.

8 Alvin Olinsky Never Uses The Bathroom

During stakeouts, why have we never seen Olinsky use the bathroom or say he needs to run into an alley or use some local store to relieve himself? It was said earlier in the series that Alvin wears adult diapers while on a stakeout due to an issue he had some years back. During a stakeout covering a B&E suspect, Alvin broke away and used the bathroom.

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While doing so, he missed his target and regretted it ever since. So, now what he does is wear diapers so that will never happen again. Smart decision but it must smell really bad in that car.

7 Adam Ruzek Can Get Into Any House

Ever wonder why Ruzek is the guy called upon when there is an issue with a locked door? Despite being able to ram it down with force, Ruzek has a knack for bypassing any electronic door with a keypad. But how is that? Thanks to his Aunt who just happens to be a realtor, she taught Adam the secret to an electric entry. This comes in handy if the Intelligence Unit ever needs to enter a suspect's house quietly. Why force something open if there is no reason to do so? Adam brings many good things to the team and this is just one of them.

6 Trudy Platt Is Old School

Forget the Glocks that most cops carry, Platt still has her sights and hearts set on the old school .38 revolver. The reason people still love this weapon is less chance of it jamming on you when a situation gets tight. But knowing Trudy, would there be a reason to believe she would do anything differently? Although she doesn't get out much, Trudy is always ready to lend a helping hand to the Unit if need be. Being old school doesn't mean you're not up with the times, it just means you're accustomed to your own way of doing things. The end results are--to get the job done.

5 Erin Lindsay Celebrates Two Birthdays

Erin was a tough kid who grew up to be an even tougher cop. Despite her many setbacks as a child, Lindsay took it all in stride and made something of her life. Raised by an abusive father and alcoholic mother, Erin often got in trouble. She would later become a CI for Hank Voight in which they formed a special bond. So special, that Voight and his wife took Erin in and raised her as one of their own. But the most awesome thing about Erin is how she celebrates her birthday. Erin was born on April 11-12 1985. Yes, that's odd but one of the missing elements that was never showcased while she was on the show.

4 Jay Halstead Was Tortured

Before becoming a cop, Jay Halsted was a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment. While deployed in Afghanistan, it was to believed that Halsted was captured and tortured. This could be known news but it was mentioned just once and never spoken about again. Halsted survived that and that may give some clear indication why he always wants to be in on the action as the first through the door and why he loves to go undercover.

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He's tough as nails and his time spent in the Army is the reason. Halstead is the real deal.

3 Kevin Atwater Is Never Busted

It's no secret that Atwater still lives in a section of Chicago that's populated by crime. But being a cop in Chicago is hard and yet, he makes it work on so many different levels. But the one thing that often goes unnoticed about Atwater is his ability to just blend in. That's odd considering he's no small guy and the only African-American male in The Intelligence Unit. While he patrols the streets, Atwater goes undercover a lot, mainly in black communities. So, how has he not been recognized in a city where he grew up in?

2 Kim Didn't Always Want To Be A Cop

Before Kim Burgess joined the force, she was a flight attendant. Considering how she acts in the field, that's surprising. Most flight attendants just have this smile that can light up a room. Not saying that Burgess doesn't smile but she's often chasing a bad guy, taking a bullet, or punching someone. She has a soft side as we can tell from her romantic endeavors but directing someone to their seats and telling them to fasten their seatbelts, just doesn't fit her makeup. No wonder she wanted more. Kim needs to be where the action is. Good choice on a career switch.

1 Upton Has No real Relationship With Platt

One would think that a girl who became a cop thanks to an older woman who happened to be a cop, would have such a close relationship as the years moved on. While Trudy Pratt was there for Hailey Upton as a child and was the driving force behind her decision to join the force, where is that bond? While they do speak in passing, there should be a relationship there. Each member of the force has that outside source for letting off steam. While Platt is still a cop, Hailey could use her experiences to help shape her as a person and officer. Why is this detail being ignored?

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