Chicago PD: 10 Fan Favorite Characters, Ranked

Chicago PD features some amazing characters but which fan-favorite can be considered the top of the force?

What Chicago PD has managed to do during it's run is nothing short of remarkable. For fans of Chicago Fire, this is one show we didn't want to see. For starters, the leader, Hank Voight was the enemy. After coming for Matt Casey, he became the No. 1 hated guy in Chicago. But this is the beauty of writing. We had no idea we had Voight pegged so wrong.

The Intelligence Unit in which Voight leads is made up of a cast of characters that remain true to the Chicago streets. They can maneuver the urban communities the same as they do the suburban streets. The diversity on the team is great and their bond is just as strong as those in House 51. But trying to pick who your favorite character is, well, that's not so easy. It could be anyone and for any different reason.

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Here are the Chicago PD Top 10 Fan Favorites Characters, Ranked.

10 Hailey Upton

The newbie on the crew. Upton replaced Erin and to say she received a warm welcome from the fans would be an understatement. She came off as a cop who played by the book and that's something the Intelligence Unit just didn't do. On the surface, Upton was like a female Antonio. Everything was done to persevere an image but she would learn that the streets don't care.

She's tough but trying to determine if she better than Erin is an injustice to both characters. Upton has a ways to go but she's learning the ropes. Upton is quick on the draw and is not afraid to mix it up with anyone. Fans are still getting used to her but slowly we're warming up.

9 Erin Lindsay

Erin was the first female on the Intelligence Unit and she more than made a great addition. Her back story is tied to Voight which made her presence that much more heartfelt. She's tough, ambitious, and loyal but has a mean steak that rivaled any of the men on the team.

Her upbringing was rough as she dealt with a mother dealing with substance abuse and being raised by the hard-nosed Voight. Erin was destined for this cop life. Her departure was hard to take as she became a fan favorite but it was necessary for the show.

8 Adam Ruzek

The hot head of the crew. Adam has a good heart, is a good cop but make decisions that often put himself and others in harm's way. What he did concerning Antonio was good for the team but it caused unnecessary issues. The one time he should have listened to Voight, Ruzek took it upon himself to do what he thought was best. He wasn't wrong, he just didn't think it through completely.

His personal life has been a wreck if you count the failed relationships. Ruzek has been engaged to three women, and just broke up with another fellow officer in Upton. He has his moments of weakness when it comes to the women on the job despite Voight's disapproval. Ruzek wants to be the next Alvin Olisnsky and prove to Voight he has his back.

7 Alvin Olinsky

Viewed as the Ying to Voight's Yang, Alvin Olinsky was a solid cop. What's surprising, is that as tight as he and Hank were, Olinsky was never viewed as dirty the way Voight was. He played fair but could go sideways if need be. He was a loyal soldier but at times he even had to question Voight's motives.

The death of his daughter took a toll on him but his departure from the show may not have been the smartest move. He put it all on the line and that's what made Olinsky a top character over five seasons. His presence is missed as he was a mentor to Ruzek and Burgess.

6 Jay Halstead

Halstead is a former Army Ranger who goes hard at all action. He wants to be the first through the door and the last to leave the scene. If there is a person to go undercover, Jay Halstead is your guy. As the first official relationship on Chicago PD, fans were rooting for the Halstead and Erin bond to make it. But no such luck. After Erin left, Jay was a total mess, There was a time where it appeared he and Upton would give it a go but she went the other direction and got with Adam.

Jay can go off solo as he's been known to do a few times but for the most part, he's a loyal soldier. He has bumped heads with Voight a few times but that tends to happen when looking up to a father figure. What Halstead must learn to do is separate the job from the personal.

5 Kim Burgess

The last of the original crew to make the team. Burgess had to prove she was worth the risk. She tries her best to show a tough exterior, but she's still a little wet behind the ears. However, that's one of the reasons she so lovable. She cares about her job, the community, and her fellow officers.

However, there are times when you can see the destruction in her eyes and movements. Kim has been known to lay a perp out, not afraid to hit a moving target or get in anyone's face if need be. As far as her personal life goes, Burgess is enjoying it. By far one of the most complete characters on the show. We get to see her wins and losses, much like the same with Antonio.

4  Kevin Atwater

The muscle of the group. It took Kevin a while to become a member but once he got his foot in the door, he proved his worth more than once. As one of the team members who grew up in one of the toughest sections in Chicago, Kevin normally wears his heart on his sleeve which can result in some bad and hasty decision making. What makes Atwater so endearing to fans is that he became the legal guardian to his little brother and sister. But an incident forced him to move his siblings to Texas to keep them safe.

What's missing in Atwater's life is well, a life. Hopefully, next season, the writers will find a way to give him more of a personal touch. He needs a life outside of the Unit. He's best friends with Ruzek and was once partners with Burgess before they both became members of the Intelligence Unit.

3 Trudy Platt

Trudy is the real deal. How many times in six seasons have we actually seen her smile? Name one cop who doesn't have respect for her. Heck, even Hank Voight appears to be a little frightened of what Trudy has to her sleeve. Her actions have always been in the best interest of the Chicago Police force. Although she not an official member of the Intelligence Unit, she's their ace in the hole.

Trudy Platt gives officers a hard time but it's done to teach and bridge the gap. Married now, we've dealt with a bit of her personal life with husband Mouch from Chicago Fire. If ever in trouble, it's Trudy I want to help me out of a tight jam.

2 Antonio Dawson

Dawson comes across as the blue-collar, clean-nose cop who can't do wrong. However, in his final two seasons on the show, we've known that not to be true. Dawson has fought his share of demons from divorce, kids, Voight, and drugs. Even with his impending departure (2nd time), he's still one of the favorites on the show.

What makes Dawson such a fan favorite is that he was the first to challenge Voight. Antonio made his bones in the Chicago Police Department and felt as if he has to be the one to bring the dirty Voight to justice.  But once he learned the truth, he became a team player. Antonio may be the one character fans can relate to the most on Chicago PD. His presence will be missed for sure.

1 Hank Voight

The mastermind behind this all. At first, Voight was the most hated character in Chicago. Before heading to Chicago PD, Voight was the guy giving Matt Casey a hard time on Chicago Fire. That didn't sit well with fans. We saw Voight as a dirty and disrespectful cop who would do anything to get what he wanted. However, we were slightly wrong about his persona.

Did Voight do some dirty things? Yes. But it was all done in the protection of his city. His loyalty is second to none and he will go down in flames for those close to him. He's arguably one of the best leaders in Primetime TV. And, despite his flaws, we all want him on the case if we're in trouble.

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