Chicago PD: Best & Worst Relationships, Ranked

It's not just romance - from working partners to couples, these are the best and worst pairings of Chicago PD.

Fans of Chicago PD are either on the edge of their seats or yelling at the TV every week. Such emotions are brought on when you invest your spare time in a TV show as good as PD. The reasoning behind this goes deeper than the storylines. It's a connection we feel to each character. Whether we're cheering Hank Voight as he parades through the streets of Chicago or praying Antonio Dawson cleans up his act and kicks the pill habit.

Although the action is top-notch, PD is also about the relationships between our characters, their families, friends, coworkers, and the community. If you had to break down your best and worst relationships on Chicago PD, who would come first and last?

Here are the best and worst relationships from Chicago PD.

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10 Trudy & Voight (Best)

As mean as she can be, Trudy understands what it takes to be good police. With the weight of the world often on Hank Voight's shoulders with allegations and betrayal, he needs someone outside of the Unit to lean on. While Trudy sits behind a desk, she is still the eyes and ears of the station. Her relationship with Voight is vital to Chicago PD. Voight doesn't scare easily and neither does Trudy. When was the last time you heard them two go at it? The respect they have for one another is mutual. Trudy is just as tough as Voight. They both approach the day with the same goal--protect Chicago at all cost.

9 Erin & Jay (Worst)

Of course, the attraction was there. Like most cop shows when partners are of the opposite sex, there may be a moment or two of weaknesses.  The Intelligence Unit puts their life on the line daily so when they get a chance to unwind, it's normally done within the unit. Erin and Jay were no different. Both single, young, and easy on the eyes, it had a chance to be something real.

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However, from the beginning, we could see issues brewing and why it wouldn't work. Nonetheless, they went ahead with their romance. Hank Voight wasn't a huge fan but he even loosened his grip on his approach. They moved in together despite the red flags but when everything came to a head, Erin left town leaving Jay devastated.

8 Voight & Ray Price (Best)

Every city needs that pair of important figures whose job it is to look out for what's best for the community. However, there may be times will they will both need to cross lines other would not dare to even approach. This is what made Voight and Price's relationship so intriguing. In the beginning, it was Price going after one of Voight's officers (Halstead). As intense as their standoff was, Price would soon learn that it was better having Voight as a friend than an enemy. Voight needed Price's help to clean the streets and Price enlisted the help of Voight to win the streets.

7 Hailey & Adam (Worst)

When it comes to relationships, Adam is awful. While some shows can place a pair together or have them dealing with chemistry issue for 2-3 seasons, this Adam and Hailey union seemed forced out of a slow day in the writer's room. A one night stand would have been better. So why make this into the next Erin and Halstead when there was no chance of that ever happening?

For starters, they're total opposites. The old cliche saying is that opposites attract but when that was made up, these two clearly weren't in mind. Hailey is a straight shooter. She plays by the rules with minimal risk. Adam, on the other hand, tries his best to be Voight Jr and color outside the lines. The potential was never there for anything explosive.

6 Kim & Kevin (Best)

Once partners, Kim and Kevin were as tight as could be. When Kevin got the call to join the Intelligence Unit, Kim was a little disappointed. Happy for her friend, but let down because it wasn't her. She just had a little more to prove to Voight. The pair was so tight that Kevin's siblings looked at Kim as part of the family. Even with drama surrounding them daily, they still found time to be there for one another when the situation called for it. Their friendship expands beyond any color barrier that the streets of Chicago may refuse to respect. That's the beautiful part of their relationship.

5 Adam & Kim (Worst)

Their relationship seemed harmless at first. But it was evident Adam still had some growing up to do. With Adam trying to make a name for himself and Burgess doing the same, this was heading in the wrong direction before it got hot and heavy. Neither wanted marriage but they both wanted to belong to something.

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Adam made the first mistake but Kim showed the most strength by standing her ground. Is there still a bit of chemistry there? Yes. But this is a relationship Chicago PD is better off leaving be.

4 Voight & Olinsky (Best)

The vets of the Intelligence Unit and a pair of cops who has each other back at all cost. While Hank is a little more on the wild side, Olinsky is not that far behind. Both have our their dedicated time in the force and for most of their careers, they did it together. Before his death, Hank was bout to put his career, life, and freedom on the line for his friend. Their partnership was one for life and each look at the other with admiration and respect until the end. Both parents went through tough losses of their children. Voight lost his son and Alvin, his daughter. Through it all, they had to comfort each other.

3 Voight & Adam (Worst)

There has always been something brewing between these two. For Voight, he has (or had) his partner in Olinsky. While Voight often paired Adam and Alvin together, he was hoping that Alvin would be able to train Adam the way he and Voight were brought up in the department. But some things just can't be taught.

In a moment of stupidity, Adam let one of Voight's enemies get under his skin and into his head. What resulted in that was Adam betraying Voight. Even with Alvin gone and Adam doing his best to make amends, it comes across as forced. Voight is no fool and we can see the distance he has put between him and Adam.

2 The Intelligence Unit & The City of Chicago (Best)

Not to take anything away from the men and women of House 51 or the rest of the Chicago Police Department, but the Voight-led Intelligence Unit is hands down the best. This is Voight's city and he will protect it by any means necessary. His team is made up of Chicago residents who want nothing more than to clean up their own.

No matter the situation, residents, despite their love/hate relationship with police know who to call when in a tight jam. The Intelligence Unit will respond. In a crime-infested city, the cops must care as much as the common person, if not more.

1 Antonio & The Team (Worst)

What happened? Why is Antonio Dawson such an outcast? One reason for that may be that he thinks he's better than everyone. We have to remember, Antonio was never a Voight fan. Ever since Voight pulled that stunt with Matt on Chicago Fire, Antonio has had it in for him. Maybe it was due to his alliance with his sister Gabby, but Antonio always seems to have Voight's downfall in his eyesight.

How many of the other officers were that in tune with Dawson to begin with? Although Adam pulled off a risky move to help Antonio, he never seemed to truly appreciate the gesture. He was always a part of the team but aloof from them at the same time. It's also worth noting, with his departure from Chicago PD. This is his second time leaving.

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