Chicago PD: 10 Best Episodes, Ranked

With a six-season run under its belt, Chicago PD is an action-packed show that keeps fans coming back week after week. Let's rank the best episodes.

Fans of Chicago PD will tune in every week for the intense shootouts, car chases, interrogations, and to see their beloved characters in the small screen. With six seasons under their belt, Chicago PD has etched itself in the ranks with some of the best cops shows ever to hit Primetime TV.

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With each cop given a distinct personality, we should expect some clashes, love connections, and more. But if given the task of choosing the top 10 episodes, how would a fan go about this? Would you go by the action, the storyline, emotion or acting of each one? That's what makes PD so appealing, it's great in all aspects.

Here are the top 10 Chicago PD episodes, Ranked.

10 Home (Season 5, Episode 5)

With all that was going on, "Home" gave us a bit of insight as to what it's like being related to a cop. For Kevin Atwater, his decision to be a cop in the city and streets he was raised in was a hard choice. But the price that Kevin has to pay also trickles down to his younger brother and sister. Earlier, Kevin made his younger brother Jordan testify against a local drug dealer which resulted in a bit of bullying by other kids.

This was the consequences that Kevin knew would come but wasn't quite ready for. When Jodan went to protect his little sister from the bullying, he did so with a gun. Kevin stopped him but he knew that things had to change. As their legal guardian, Kevin had to decide what was best for them and staying in Chicago was not.

9 Start Digging (Season 3, Episode 23)

This was the episode where our love for Hank Voight grew. Once considered a dirty cop, "Start Digging" put Voight's emotions on display. With his son back home, married and with a new kid, Justin was on track to getting his life straight. But an incident cost him his life which in turn sent Voight off the deep end. The Intelligence Unit is used to tracking down killers but this was personal.

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Voight was on the hunt for blood and rightfully so, It wasn't the chase that had fans in love with this episode, it was the ending. As intense as the acting was, when Voight caught the killer, he was in his element. The man with the badge was no longer there, just a grieving father.

8 Stepping Stone (Season 1, Episode 1)

Action has always been the marker for Chicago PD even before the show aired. In its pilot episode, the Intelligence Unit lost one of their own. However, "Stepping Stone" stands as one of the best episodes due to what fans believe was a transformation or understanding of its lead character Hank Voight.

This was a reintroduction to who Chicago Fire fans thought was dirty. Even in the first few episodes of Chicago PD, Voight still has some of those traits that gave off the impression of a dirty cop. But we would soon find out the truth. His mission, clean up the city he loves and get his team home safely each night.

7 Black and Blue (Season 6, Episode 8)

The episode "Black and Blue" showed what Kevin could do if given the chance. Fans' biggest gripe concerning Atwater has been his lack of a love interest. In this episode, Kevin had it all. The undercover job, the main spot, and most of all, he got the girl. Atwater goes undercover as Laila's new boyfriend to get an introduction to Kenny who just happens to be her ex. With Kenny being a suspect in a murder, Atwater has to take charge.

But in doing so, he falls for Laila but there is a catch. A gun pops up from a murder nine years ago with her fingerprints and Kevin has to decide what to do. Does he turn her in, or let her walk? Being the cop that he is, he turns her in and there goes his shot at love. This was the second time Kevin had to think about the badge and his personal life at the same time.

6 Reckoning (Season 6, Episode 22)

It's time for Kelton to be stopped. All season, this showdown was coming and by the end of "Reckoning" fans were left wondering who killed Kelton? But the bigger issue for fans is what will happen to Antonio Dawson? It was reported that Season 6 was his last on the show and with his addiction to painkillers, will he be written off after he took the hit for Voight?

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As for Voight, he drove off but this was after he handed the keys to the Intelligence Unit to Halstead. Has Voight had enough or did he know that he would go down if he indeed kill Kelton? This was probably the first time the Unit couldn't' get the job done.

5 Homecoming (Season 5, Episode 22)

The Season 5 finale was about a friend trying to help a friend who decided to do what was best for his team and himself. Alvin Olinsky was being pressured about a murder in which Voight was ready to take the heat for by confessing that he did it to save Alvin. But Alvin, not one to take a handout, made his own move which would cost him his life. But the other half of this thrilling episode was centered around Voight. Did he or didn't he shoot an unarmed Carlos?

With Antonio teamed with Voigt on the pursuit, Dawson was called in to testify after two eye-witnesses saw that incident and claimed that Voight shot Carlos in cold blood. Antonio did find a gun on the scene but still didn't believe Voight's version of the story.

4 The Forgotten (Season 6, Episode 16)

The episodes where it's personal for members of the Intelligence Unit are always the best. This time around in "The Forgotten", everything hinged on finding one of Voight's longtime informants Lexi. After helping Voight nail another drug dealer, Lexi was set to move out of town and start over. But when she wasn't home when Voight came to drive her to the airport, things became shaky.

What really set the hate for Kelton off was that Voight began to put the pieces together that Kelton had something to do with Lexi's death. He didn't kill her but he was in business with the person who did. It was at that moment that Voight and Price joined forces to not let Kelton become Mayor.

3 What Could Have Been (Season 6, Episode 19)

Just a sad episode. Chicago PD lost one of their best-supporting actors in Wendall Pierce when he confessed to a crime he didn't do in order to protect his family. All season, Ray Price and Brain Kelton were going head-to-head in the electoral race for Mayor of Chicago. With Price gaining steam, he was thrown a curveball just three weeks before the election.

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When the news hit that Price's wife Alicia killed two men to protect their family, Voight had no choice but to accept Price's confession due to their friendship and not wanting to put his wife behind bars. Such a solid episode as the last scene with Voight and Price in a holding cell proved their friendship was worth the hassle.

2 Descent (Season 6, Episode 9)

This episode is the downfall of Antonio Dawson. Over the course of the show, Antonio has probably gone through the most personal struggles. Kidnapped kids, a divorce, a change of jobs, and a drug addiction. However, on "Descent", it all came to a halt. Antonio was busted by Burgess during a drug bust only for her to keep quiet as he promised it was nothing. But by the end of the episode, Antonio lost it.

In a fight in the warehouse, Antonio pushed the suspect out the window which resulted in his death. Voight found out about the drug use which resulted in Ruzek and Voight fighting over who would take the hit for their teammate.

1 The Silos (Season 4, Episode 1)

What makes "The Silos" one of the best episodes on Chicago PD is the payback that came with it. At the end of Season 3, Voight caught his son's killer and got his revenge. However, right before that fatal shot, Lindsay drove away from the scene but heard the shot that killed the person who murdered Voight's son. This was a good moment as Season 4 picked up, Lindsay was asked about that fateful night.

Although she didn't agree with how Voight handled the situation, she understood. But the catch came when Internal Affairs took Voight to the site and dug up where the body was supposed to be only for it not to be there. Voight was surprised but there was only one explanation--Erin.

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