Chicago Med: 10 Fan Favorite Characters, Ranked

Chicago Med is a medical drama series that has aired for four seasons on NBC. It is set to return for its fifth season this fall. The series is part of the popular One Chicago franchise that also consists of Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and at one point in time, Chicago Justice.

The series follows a medical team as they try to save lives while also navigating their own personal struggles. The team is centered at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and the cast consists of both doctors and nurses. We're taking a look at some of the fan-favorite characters on the series.

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10 Sharon Goodwin

As the Chief of Services at the Chicago Medical Center, Sharon is very devoted to both her staff, her job, and the patients that regularly enter the hospital. She is willing to do whatever it takes to protect those under her watch and she used to serve as one of the head nurses in the ED. Maggie Lockwood took over her former role.

You may recognize the actress who plays her, S. Epatha Merkerson, from her previous role in the Law & Order franchise. She is also a great friend to Dr. Charles, and she does her best to run things with fairness. In the second season, it was revealed Sharon was struggling with diabetes and many fans have appreciated how her storyline has been handled.

9 Sarah Reese

Sadly, like some other characters on the show, Sarah Reese was only around for a short amount of time. She is no longer one of the main characters and was written off in the season four premiere, which shocked many fans. That said, she was still incredibly popular during her short stint on Chicago Med. She was very sweet and somewhat quiet at first.

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Initially she has her sights set on becoming a pathologist but eventually begins a residency under Dr. Charles in psychiatry. She had a sweet, albeit brief, relationship with one of the lab techs at the hospital named Joey.

8 Maggie Lockwood

Maggie is another one of the nurses at the ED and she is portrayed by Marlyne Barrett. One of the best things about Maggie as a character is her nurturing personality. Aside from being a great nurse, she is known for being a mentor to other characters and being a pillar of support in their time of need. She is a great friend to have, as April or Natalie could tell you.

She is also someone who values what is right over the rules, which can come with risks - like her job, but ultimately saves lives. Fans always like characters who do whatever they have to for the good of the patient. It's a common trope on medical dramas.

7 Daniel Charles

He is one of the older cast members but played by accomplished actor, Oliver Platt. Charles is the Chicago Medical Center's Chief of Psychiatry. Many of his scenes involve him working closely with patients who are struggling with some of the trauma.

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However, he often winds up helping many of his coworkers with their personal issues in addition to the patients at the hospital. In the series, he struggles with depression himself which is why some fans find him a relatable character and that the advice he gives can be beneficial to them in their own lives. He has two daughters, one who works at Chicago Med too.

6 Ava Bekker

Given that Ava Bekker is one of the main love interests for Connor Rhodes, you can see why she has become a fan-favorite. The actress that plays her is Norma Kuhling. Ava is a cardiothoracic surgeon. She and Connor immediately form a rivalry full of romantic and sexual tension.

Despite being an opponent to Rhodes, there are times where they actually do get along and even look to one another for guidance and support. Ava is known for being brash and even mean and manipulative at times, but underneath all of that, she actually does have a good heart.

5 April Sexton

Played by YaYa DaCosta, April is one of the ED nurses and her brother works as an intern at Chicago Med. One of the reasons she became a fan favorite is due to her relationship with Kelly Severide from Chicago Fire. They knew each other prior to the start of the series due to being old friends. Her family took care of Kelly for a while in the past.

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Despite starting off as friends, they have had a romantic fling in the past which was well-received by many. She and Natalie are also best friends and eventually, she becomes involved with another fan-favorite, Ethan.

4 Ethan Choi

As the ED's Chief Resident and his proclivity to some shirtless scenes, it's obvious why Ethan is a fan-favorite character. In the second season, he gains more depth as well, including an adorable episode where he won tons of favors for his attempt to help a panda with a heart defect get rescued from the Chicago Zoo for treatment at the hospital.

Ethan was borne to a Navy veteran and he served time in the military as well, as a medic. He also has a younger sister by the name of Emily and has been haunted by the time he spent serving.

3 Connor Rhodes

Like Torey DeVitto, Colin O'Donnell arrived on Chicago Med with a built-in fanbase from his days on the DCTV series, Arrow. Many people who were fans of his character on that series followed him over to his new show where he plays the role of Connor Rhodes, a cardiothoracic and trauma attending at the Chicago Medical Center.

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He was born in Chicago, like many others in the series but has a pretty dark background. His mother killed herself by throwing herself off the roof of their home. Connor believes there is more to the story and a good portion of his plotlines are about discovering the truth.

2 Will Halstead

As the brother to another popular character in the Chicago franchise, Jay Halstead, Will's popularity was essentially a given the moment the medical drama began. But his relationship with Natalie Manning helped cement his status as they are one of the most popular and highly followed romances in the entire franchise, and specifically on this show.

Will was raised in Chicago along with Jay. He put himself through college and for a brief time, he worked as a detective. Eventually, he realized it wasn't the right profession for him and went on to become a doctor instead.  He is formerly a plastic surgeon and now works as an attending physician.

1 Natalie Manning

Natalie, played by Torrey Devitto is easily one of the most popular characters on the show. Her relationship with Will Halstead has been followed by many fans, similar to the former relationship on Chicago PD between Lindsay and Jay Halstead.

Natalie was born in Seattle and earlier in the series she had been married, but her husband was killed while in action. Natalie was introduced to the series in the backdoor pilot and has become a staple on the show ever since. DeVitto was popular with audiences already due to her stint on Pretty Little Liars prior to this series so it's no surprise she's shown a lot of love.

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