Chicago Fire's Fan Favorites Characters, Ranked

With such a large cast, the writers for Chicago Fire have done a wonderful job of maintaining a balance in which each character has an opportunity to shine through. Like any other show we may find ourselves glued to, Fire has captivated us with heartfelt episodes involving life and death moments. But there's so much more to it.

When breaking down characters, is it hard to pick a fan favorite? With an array of talent seen on the screen, certain moments and characters will tend to stick out better than others. And, no one ever said, you have to like each character either.  Remember, thanks to Chicago Fire, at one point in time, we all hated Frank Voight. Here are Chicago Fire Fan favorites, Ranked.

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11 Emily Foster

The "newbie" to Chicago Fire came off as brash with a secret she didn't want to be exposed. Foster has been a nice addition to the cast as she is the first African-American female character to play a major role on Chicago Fire. On top of that, she's also House 51's first openly bisexual crew member. Foster loves to have a good time as she explores life outside of the firehouse, but she does so on her own terms. She strong-willed, independent, smart, and beautiful.

10 Mouch

Despite his interest in retiring for the past two seasons, Mouch has always found a way to make his presence felt in House 51. Mouch is like that uncle who comes over for family gatherings wanting nothing more than to sit and watch whatever game is on TV. However, he's still able to carry his weight if need be.

Mouch provides Chicago Fire with an old school feel as he's able to be a reliable elder at times. If issues arrive that may need a Union Rep, it's Mouch who can provide counsel. He's not seen fighting fires that much onscreen, but Mouch has the experience to help the younger guys learn on the job.

9 Joe Cruz

Cruz has had his moments. However, there are times when he comes across as soft on an emotional level. As a firefighter, he's one of the toughest, willing to sacrifice everything to save lives. Yet, his emotions are often all over the pace. When it comes to his personal life, he tends to not be the best decision maker.

The love he has for his brother in blood and those of House 51 still place Cruz on a high pedestal. It's time for him to focus more on his own life than others. Cruz is a great guy, the sort who will give you the shirt off his back.

8 Otis

Otis is like the kid who sat in front of the class and was the teacher's pet. He looks the part of a nerd, but he still has some solidness to him. He's lovable, but yet at times you want to wring his neck. He's loyal and will shy away when it comes to women. Otis may have the truest heart in House 51. His podcast was a bit off from the norm, but when Otis has his mind set on something, no one is talking him out of it.

Normally a happy soul, our heart's did break for him after he was shot, as it appeared he would never get to live the rest of his dreams out as a firefighter. Watching Otis lose his position as a driver and delegated to desk duty was one of the hardest storylines to watch on Chicago Fire.

7 Gabriela Dawson

Although Gabby is no longer a cast member, her presence on Chicago Fire is still felt. Gabby fought to become a firefighter after she was told she couldn't/shouldn't. Yes, she had dealt with her fair share of demons, but her heart was in the right place for most. Although leaving Matt was viewed as selfish by most viewers, it was expected when considering her strong-willed personality.

Gabby often forgot that she was in a relationship and would go off and do whatever she wanted. Her leaving Matt to go across seas was just another example of that. But, at the end of the day, she thought and acted with her emotions, which gave viewers more incentive to label her as a bit selfish.

6 Sylvie Brett

Sylvie is a small-town girl with big city dreams. It took a while for fans to warm up to her because she was taking the place of someone special, that being Shay. While the guys in the House—including Gabby—didn't actually give her the warmest of welcomes, it didn't take long for Sylvie to win everyone over, fans included.

Now, she's a mainstay with a heart of gold. Although she has spent a few years in Chicago, Sylvie is still a little wet-behind-the-ears. She has her quirky moments but is by far one of the most lovable characters on the show. Her love life has been a complete disaster, but, on the Season 7 finale, she accepted the Chaplain's proposal.

5 Stella Kidd

Stella had to grow on fans. She entered Chicago Fire as one of Severide's past women. Fighting for a firefighter spot was made a little easier for her thanks to the efforts of Gabby. But once Stella came onboard, she made her mark. What Stella brought to the show at first was a bit of a mystery as her ex-husband was a little on the crazy side. Still, her love for Severide has never wavered, and, while we were rooting for Kelly and Anna, we secretly hoped that Stella would make her move. Out of all the women on the show, Stella is the one most like the guys. She's well respected.

4 Matthew Casey

Why can't Matt win? Think about his journey; Matt started out engaged but lost Hallie to a fire. Although in a dark place, he found solace in the arms of Gabby. As the two embarked on their own dream relationship, even that was met with hardship. From breakups to adoptions to another set of issues, Matt endured more pain. In a time when other characters were going through happy moments, Matt was suffering.

On the other side of the coin, Matt can be a bit harsh. Yes, as a leader he has to display that quality that a leader needs but he often comes across as mean-spirited. Matt's best moments have always been when he's shown his vulnerable side. Whether it's helping out in the community or one of his fellow firefighters. It's time for Matt Casey to get a win.

3 Wallace Boden

The Chief is the toughest and meanest of all at House 51. He runs a tight ship but is never hesitant to fall back and let Severide and Matt handle their duties. Family is an important aspect for Boden and he makes sure the firefighters never forget how tight of a unit he wants them to be. Boden, if given the chance, will go down in a blaze for his crew and has put his career on the line plenty of times to defend his House. He's lost his temper a few times but that doesn't make Boden any less of a true leader.

2 Kelly Severide

According to most female viewers, Severide is the "Eye Candy" of House 51. What bothers most concerning Kelly is that he may come off a bit selfish at times. His backstory will provide better insight as to why he is the way he is. His relationship with both his parents has taken a bit of a toll on him. His relationship with women has mostly been one night stands until Anna, and now Stella came along and changed his approach to that.

He's a natural leader, and he often has to make tough decisions on the fly. Throughout the series, Kelly has probably gone through the most changes to his character. The death of his father, the ups and shows he's dealt with regarding Casey and his mentor to how he's dealt with relationships as well as the death of Anna. Severide may not be No. 1 on this list, but he's gone through the fire in his personal life.

1 Chris Herrmann

Without Herrmann, House 51 would not have a personality. As the elder "Family Man" on the crew, Herrmann brings a dimension to the team that's needed. Although he often makes some of the craziest decisions, he thinks with his heart and tries to do what's best for everyone. He's a team guy all the way. Even with his new promotion, Herrmann has had to learn to be a leader and still be one of the guys. In the beginning, it was a struggle, but he's found the proper balance.

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