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Watching Chicago Fire is like watching a replay of a family reunion. A few arguments, loud voices, a few tense moments but most of all, some good times. This is how we can describe this awesome drama that NBC has provided us with for seven years. Chicago Fire is easily one of the best-written shows on primetime TV.

Even with the explosions, deaths, and life saving that goes on weekly, the big draw for Fire fans has always been the relationships. It's not all about how we felt about Matt and Gabby or Severide and Anna. Chicago Fire shows a bond between brothers and sisters saving lives on a daily basis. It also shows how certain bonds are meant to be broken. Which are your favorite relationships and which ones do you not like? Here's what we think: Here are the best & worst relationships in Chicago Fire, ranked.

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9 Best: Mouch and Herrmann

The two amigos. Maybe it's their age and experience. But for whatever reason, they share a special connection. When Herrmann does something wild, it's normally Mouch who has to talk him out of it or the one who has to deal with the consequences. To watch the two of them go at it is outright hilarious.

Despite many disagreements, they have each other's backs at all times. There's a man code that must be followed and Herrmann and Mouch are two of the best when it comes to love and respect. Would love to see more of Cindy and Trudy as the four friends hang out more just to get a vibe of how much fun that foursome would be.

8 Worst: Severide and Casey

In the very beginning, it appeared that these two would be at each other's throats. In episode one, this was after the death of their friend and the blame game was going on. Maybe it would've been cool to have a house divided in a constant power struggle, but the writers of Chicago Fire decided to go another route.

They will still have their arguments but when the time comes and lives are on the line, they always find a way to make it work. Kelly has opened his living situation to Matt and Matt has done the same as both have gone through some tough times. Whether it be breakups or death, they stand firmly in each other's corners when it matters most. But still, a finer focus on the constant battle for authority would be cool to see as both are strong alpha males. There could be so much more to this relationship.

7 Best: Cruz and Otis

Otis and Cruz are nothing but the younger versions of Herrmann and Mouch. If you want instant laughs, watch these two in action. It also helps that they're roommates. Otis has insane ideas and unlike Mouch, Cruz usually goes along. Cruz is no stranger to crazy thoughts himself, which makes their pairing so dynamic.

We can probably count on two fingers the number of disagreements they've had over the years and that's a testament to their bond. But just like Herrmann and Mouch, we've yet to see them on a double date.

6 Worst: Boden and Severide/Casey

Running a Firehouse is not easy. However, for Wallace Boden, he must run and still delegate command down to his Lt. and Sgt. When something serious happens in House 51, Wallace seeks advice from Kelly and Matt. With three men in authority, we should expect a little more bonding. With the ladies in the house, they will have a girls' night out. For the men, it's beer at Molly's and that's it. Maybe an occasional cigar on the roof, but why not more?

What disappoints us about this trio is their lack of bonding. Granted, they can sit in the office when things get tight and work out an issue, but other than that, there's no real chemistry between the three of them.

5 Best: Severide and Shay

Having a best friend of the opposite sex has its advantages. For Severide and Shay, they made it work in ways that had viewers thinking, which isn't a bad idea. There has not been a better pairing on Chicago Fire since Shay's death.

Both were strong-willed and that's where their disputes would stem from. Shay never backed down from Kelly no matter the issue. Her death sent him into a dark place and deep down, he's still trying to navigate through that abyss. They put their life on the line daily but they never compromised their love for one another. True friendship.

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4 Worst: Matt and Gabby

What was set to be the standard for relationships on Chicago Fire may have turned into what not to do in the same Firehouse. From the start, Gabby held a torch for Matt even when he was with Hallie. After Hallie's death, Matt and Gabby decided to give it a try. There would be issues, but ultimately, marriage followed.

From newlyweds to foster parents, what haven't they gone through? But in the end, they wanted two different things and Gabby left the states. Despite the heartache, the two of them together had some great times. When they were on, they were the example of how it works. But when they were off, it was a tornado. To say they were perfect for one another would be foolish. It lasted entirely too long.

Watching these two go through their ups and downs is the same thing we had to endure with Matt and Gabby. Are they right for one another? That remains to be seen but there is a strong connection there. Kelly is hardheaded and still has some trust issues regarding women. Stella has had to deal with her own personal demons before heading back to Severide.

But in the end, fans were rooting for them to make it back to each other by the end of Season 7. It was only right. They both put up walls, but to see them in their happy place is a thing of beauty.

3 Worst: Severide and Anna

The reason this goes on the worst side of the coin is that it never should've happened. Love is love, but neither Kelly nor Anna was in the right frame of mind when this relationship began. Anna was sick and Severide did what only he could do. He helped by offering a part of him to save her. At that moment it was predictable but Kelly should have just moved on. They became friends then lovers, then Kelly lost her.

It was a great moment to see Severide leave his childish ways behind but it was a love built on "hero worship". That's not to say that Anna didn't love him, but Kelly deserved more and so did Anna. It was sappy and the end result we all saw coming. All the while, Stella was there waiting in the wings. RIP Anna.

2 Best: House 51 and The Intelligence Unit

Despite the early issues with Voight and Matt, the relationship between House 51 and The Intelligence Unit has been pretty smooth. When one is in trouble and needs help, one of the opposite crews is quick to lend a hand. Will this change with the departure of Antonio Dawson? Or better yet, will House 51 ever trust Hank Voight?

It's been good to see the two teams work together. To take it a bit further, we can also throw in the good folks at Chicago Med. It's a total team effort from the Firefighters to the Police to the Medical Staff. They work as one.

1 Worst: Matt and Sylvie

This hasn't happened yet but the possibility was there throughout the second half of Season 7. With Matt officially over the death of his marriage to Gabby and Sylvie being done with her relationship to the Chaplin, there were a few moments between the two. Neither decided to be the first to shoot their shot, but by the end of Season 7, Matt was set to ask Sylvie out until there was a hiccup. Right before Matt posed the question, the Chaplain interrupted with a marriage proposal to Sylvie. Ouch.

Another heartbreaker for Matt. Now what? Will Matt interfere with their union by speaking his heart or will Sylvie realize that she made her decision out of haste?  They're honest, love hard, and understand what it takes to make a union work. The big issue is, the writers hinted at it for too long and may have wasted a golden opportunity.

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