Chewbacca Getting Official Theme Music in Solo

Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca in Solo

Chewbacca will be getting his own official theme music in Solo: A Star Wars Story. After 40 years, the Wookiee smuggler will finally join the ranks of characters like Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and his own co-pilot Han Solo, who all have their own theme - the only difference being that his won't be written by Star Wars veteran John Williams.

In 1977, Chewbacca made his debut in George Lucas' original Star Wars: A New Hope. With Luke, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and their accompanying droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, seeking passage from Tatooine to Alderaan, Chewbacca inadvertently embarked on an epic, decade-spanning journey alongside Han in the Millennium Falcon. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, audiences will get a peek into the early adventures of Han and Chewie, not only detailing how they met, but chronicling the intergalactic exploits they got themselves wrapped up in that ultimately led to their on-the-run status in A New Hope. Now that the focus is predominantly on the two of them, as opposed to being shared with other classic figures in the Star Wars universe, Chewie is finally getting his due with his own theme music from Solo's composer John Powell.

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When Solo's director Ron Howard reached out to fans via a Q&A video on the official Star Wars Twitter account, he unveiled the news. After explaining that John Powell (who composed the Academy Award-nominated score for How to Train Your Dragon) was someone that Howard had always wanted to work with, he explained that "John Williams himself suggested that John Powell would be a great candidateto tackle a film within the Star Wars universe. From there, he revealed that Powell would, in fact, be scoring a brand new composition unique to everybody's favorite Wookiee.


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Though John Williams is not the composer for Solo, he does make an appearance on the soundtrack, having composed a single, but vital, track for Han Solo himself aptly titled "The Adventures of Han." According to Howard, Williams was confident in handing said theme over to Powell, as well as the classic Star Wars theme, which he suggests may show up in the new standalone movie.

Solo is the second standalone "Star Wars Story" following 2016's Rogue One, and though plot details are sparse, its job is to essentially tie up loose ends and bridge together empty gaps within the Star Wars narrative. However, where Rogue One connected Revenge of the Sith with A New HopeSolo takes place before Rogue One, making it the first movie in the franchise to follow the Empire's rise post-Revenge of the Sith.

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Key Release Dates
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) release date: May 25, 2018
  • Star Wars 9 / Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) release date: Dec 20, 2019
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