Chewbacca Mom Drives James Corden To Work in Late Late Show Clip

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you can't have failed to notice the attention the 'Chewbacca mom' has been getting across the internet. Candace Payne made a video for her Facebook friends last week, in which she exclaimed her utter joy and excitement over her newest purchase, a Chewbacca mask. Each and every time the wearer opens their mouth wide enough, a Chewbacca sound is made, and Candace's hysterical laughter, along with exclamations of "I'm such a happy Chewbacca!" and "It's not me making that noise, it's the mask!" quickly made her video go viral, becoming the most watched Facebook live video ever.

Since then, it's been quite the week for both Payne and the Star Wars franchise; the Chewbacca mask has been flying off the shelves, with many stores selling out, and the toy store where Payne originally bought the mask has sent her and her family a vast amount of Star Wars collectables. However, the pinnacle of all this craziness came when James Corden invited Payne onto The Late Late Show, in a version of his regular 'carpool' slot, where he asks a celebrity to help him get to work using the carpool lanes.

The video is only short but once again Payne's infectious laugh and total joy over the mask has us all laughing too, and best of all, her and Corden are both joined by The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, who offers some directorial advice concerning proper usage of the mask.Take a look above.

Following on from that, Corden also interviewed Payne on his show, and played the clip of the moment she first met Abrams and, naturally, freaked out. Her run of notoriety and luck continues though; Peter Mayhew sent an email into the show, inviting Payne and her family to the Dallas fan expo as VIP guests and for a private meet and greet with Mayhew himself. Let's hope he wears the mask.

If you haven't yet watched the original video, you can see it below. In the meantime, filming continues for Star Wars: Episode VIII, (featuring Chewbacca!) which will arrive in theaters in December, 2017.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on December 16, 2016, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII on December 15, 2017, the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film on May 25, 2018, Star Wars: Episode IX in 2019, followed by the third Star Wars Anthology film in 2020.

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