Chelsea Handler Takes A Side In 'This Means War'

Chelsea Handler cast in This Means War

McG's upcoming romantic comedy, This Means War, is loaded with big names and now adds one of television's funniest women. Chelsea Handler will ply Reese Witherspoon's best friend in a film that also includes Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.

While it is hard to focus on the casting of Chelsea Handler amidst all those stars, her addition is a healthy one for the comedy. New to the film industry, Handler has been a mainstay on E! with her show, Chelsea Lately. Her third book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, is a New York Times bestseller and she just hosted the MTV Video Music Awards.

Handler is also in the midst of a comedy tour connected to her latest book. I was at the Chicago Theatre when she performed and she deserves any comedic role available. Handler's career is on fire, leaving only one medium left to tackle - movies.

Similar to Charlie Day's (It's Always Sunny) brief departure from television to play Justin Long's funny sidekick in Going The Distance, Handler will co-star alongside Reese Witherspoon in This Means War. Even in a star-studded cast, Handler will have a chance to shine. Her co-stars have all added a laugh or two to their respective films, but are not considered comedians.

This Means War Chris Pine Tom Hardy Reese Witherspoon

This Means War will follow a pair of CIA agents (Hardy and Pine) as they fight for the heart of Witherspoon. The genre mixing should be in full force with McG's action experience and the type of escalation that goes with this kind of premise.

I have to voice some concern for This Means War. McG's career is completely random. He stayed serious with Terminator: Salvation and We Are Marshall, but mixed comedy and action with Charlie's Angels and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. In my opinion, this film will succeed if it falls inbetween the two styles.

Meanwhile, Tom Hardy's career is on the rise. He has proven himself with Inception and Bronson and recently snagged the leading role in Mad Max: Fury Road. Fear courses through my veins just thinking of his potential career pitfalls. I beg of Tom Hardy to stay away from too many romantic comedies, before he too stumbles down Gerard Butler's career path.

300 Xerxes and Leonidas

I'm still interested in this movie. I want it to be great and the cast provides hope. Romantic comedies still breed skepticism, even if there is a suggestion of action. It's just extremely difficult to pull off. Either way, Chelsea Handler deserves a round of applause for finding herself in the middle of such a talented cast.

Production on This Means War begins near the end of October.

Source: Deadline

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