Cheers: 10 Quotes From Norm That Are Still Hilarious Today

Cheers is one of the most celebrated sitcoms in television history. Premiering in 1982, the series was set in a friendly Boston bar and revolved around the lives of the people who worked there and the people who drank there. What made the show so special was the lovable cast of characters and one of the most memorable was Norm Peterson.

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Norm was the most loyal patron of Cheers, getting his own greeting every time he entered the bar. He's always ready with a hilarious one-liner. which helped him become one of the most popular television characters ever. Have a look back on some of Norm’s best quotes on Cheers that are still funny today.

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10 I Sit There

It’s hard to picture the Cheers bar without seeing Norm seated at his favorite stool. In many episodes of the show, Norm hardly even moves off that stool at the end of the bar the entire time. It begs us to ask, what would happen if someone else decided to sit in that spot?

One episode answers that very question as an unaware couple decides to take that particular place at the bar. Norm can barely comprehend what is happening. He stands around awkwardly until the couple notices him and politely asks what Norm does. Dumbstruck, Norm just says, "I sit there."

9 I Usually Finish Them Before They Get A Word In

One of the trademarks of Norm's character is his famous entrances. Along with the entire bar shouting "Norm!" as soon as he walks in, Norm always has some clever and corny response to whatever the bartenders say to him. You might think that the gag would get stale and predictable, but they are surprisingly funny most of the time.

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One day Norm comes in and Coach asks, "How does a beer sound, Norm?" Norm replies, "I don’t know Coach, I usually finish them before they get a word in." It's the perfect example of how such a simple joke can work so well in the right situation.

8 Give Me A Tall One In Case I Like It

Some of Norm's one-liners are so good you almost want to try them out yourself. It's fun to imagine walking into your favorite bar and being able to shoot off such memorable lines. We would all be lucky to be as clever as Norm.

One particularly great line comes with one of Norm's classic introductions. When asked if he wants a beer, Norm responds, "Pour me a tall one in case I like it." A great one-liner for any beer lover.

7 If She Calls, I'm Not Here

If Norm isn't busy complaining about his job, he's talking about his wife, Vera. Though we never actually see her onscreen, Vera feels like a pretty significant character for how often Norm talks about her. Though he has admitted he really does love his wife, Norm can't seem to resist poking fun at her.

When entering the bar one day, Norm is told there is a "cold one waiting for you." Of course, Norm isn't going to pass up an opportunity like that and responds, "I know. If she calls, I'm not here."

6 How About A First One?

Norm’s love of beer is widely known among the regulars of Cheers. He might not care too much about his wife or his career, but when it comes to a mug of beer, Norm has found his true passion. His talk of beer is another of his ongoing jokes that still manages to get laughs no matter how many times he does it.

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One day, after entering the bar, Norm is asked what he would like. He says "I am going to need something to kill time before my second beer. How about a first one?" That’s Norm Peterson’s way, living one beer to the next.

5 By The Way, Is Diane Coming In Today?

Norm cannot honestly be described as a selfless man. He is generally involved in his own world and that world usually involves beer. So it's not too surprising that he might have missed a thing or two throughout the 11-season run of the show. However, some moments are a little harder to miss.

After Sam buys his bar back and is reinstated as the owner of Cheers, he wastes no time redecorating the place. When he asks Norm what he thinks, Norm says he didn't notice a change. He then asks if Diane will be working today, despite her leaving the show two seasons ago.

4 It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World, Sammy

While Norm might sometimes seem like the fun-loving, beer-guzzling goof, he has his dark times as well. Though he is happy and content in the bar with his friends, Norm struggles his way through the business world. He often arrives at Cheers feeling depressed and frustrated with the workday, but still manages to turn it into a joke.

Leave it to Norm to keep coming up with hilarious ways to describe his miserable life outside the bar. When asked how the world is treating him, Norm replies, "It's a dog-eat-dog world, Sammy. And I'm wearing Milkbone underwear."

3 My Ideal Weight If I Were 11 Feet Tall

Though he likes poking fun at his wife and some of the other patrons of the bar, Norm is also very willing to joke at his own expense. Though he might have a bit of a weight problem, Norm doesn't let it keep him down and is confident enough to laugh about it with everyone.

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When entering the bar, Norm is asked what he's up to. He responds "My ideal weight if I were eleven feet tall." That self-deprecating humor makes Norm all the more charming.

2 So Float A Cornflake In It

A lot of Norm's behavior cannot be condoned, but it does make him a fun character to watch. He can dismiss a lot of his bad habits with a good joke that immediately makes the situation funny. For instance, drinking beer in the morning is really not a healthy lifestyle choice, but Norm has a way of selling it as funny.

When he is the first one in the bar as Sam is opening up for the day, Norm orders a beer. When Sam questions if it might be a bit early for that, Norm says "So float a cornflake in it." And just like that, it's a breakfast of champions.

1 Pass The Beer Nuts

Like most of the regulars of Cheers, Norm is not very smooth with the ladies. He seems to be have been married to Vera for a number of years, and yet he appears to have learned nothing about the opposite sex. Although that is probably because he has put no effort into learning.

During one of the many times the men of the bar are discussing their relationship trouble, Norm chimes in with his own take on a classic saying. He says "Women. Can’t live with them... pass the beer nuts." The hilariously abrupt take is a perfect example of Norm's humor. It could be that he truly doesn’t understand women...or that he’s just more interested in the beer nuts.

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