Movie News Wrap Up: 'Cheech & Chong', 'Tucker and Dale 2' and More

Cheech and Chong New Movie

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Cheech & Chong plan their return; the found footage film Welcome to Yesterday gets a new title; Tucker and Dale vs. Evil 2 is in development; Barbershop 3 is in the works; and Mel Gibson is in talks to star in Blood Father.


Tommy Chong, one half of the comedic duo Cheech & Chong, has revealed that a new movie featuring the iconic stoners is in the works.

The untitled film is still in the early stages of development, but Chong says that Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers) will write and direct. Apparently the film centers on a fictional festival called Burning Joint, a perfect set-up for Cheech & Chong to get in all sorts of trouble.

Cheech and Chong New Movie

Although it's been quite some time since the duo has hit the silver screen, demand is still apparently pretty high (pun intended) to see them reunite. However, it seems like every time a project gets close to production something falls through. We'll see how far this film makes it.

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After a last-minute delay in late February, the found footage film Welcome to Yesterday has a new release date and has undergone yet another title change.

Welcome to Yesterday New Title Release Date

The film's new title is Project Almanac (similar to its original title, Almanac) and its new release date is January 30, 2015. As far as we know, it sounds like the film's premise, which combines the time travel and found footage genres, has not undergone any changes.

According to Paramount vice chairman Rob Moore, the delay will help the studio refine its marketing strategy for Project Almanac. Apparently the film tested very well with early audiences, and the studio wants to ensure it gets the proper pre-release buildup. Project Almanac certainly sounds like it has potential, so it's good to see that Paramount is giving it the attention it needs.

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Stars Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk have confirmed that a sequel to the cult hit Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is in development.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2 Announcement

While the first Tucker and Dale film struggled to find an audience in limited release, it was able to develop a cult following thanks to streaming services like Netflix.

The film plays with the conventions of the classic horror film by casting two rednecks as unlikely horror movie-esque killers. But rather than actually offing a group of vacationing teenagers, Tucker and Dale simply happen upon these kids right before they accidentally kill themselves.

The film is actually quite clever and well worth taking a look (read our review). It may not need a sequel, but it might be fun to see how these characters expand on the initial premise.

Source: YouTube (via Slashfilm)


Paramount has reignited interest in another Barbershop sequel and has begun inking a deal with Ice Cube to reprise his starring role.

Barbershop 3 in the Works

The original Barbershop was a massive hit, grossing almost $75 million off just a $12 million budget. It also spawned one moderately successful sequel and a female-driven spin-off called Beauty Shop. Paramount hopes to unite those worlds by bringing back many of the main cast, including Queen Latifah and Cedric the Entertainer.

It appears that, much like his Ride Along co-star Kevin Hart, Ice Cube is benefiting from the success of the aforementioned film. At the same time, it sounds like Paramount is trying to build as many franchises as it can.

Source: Deadline


Actor/director Mel Gibson is in talks to join the thriller Blood Father for director Jean-Francois Richet.

Mel Gibson in Talks Star Blood Father

If he is cast, Gibson will play an ex-con trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter. However, reconciliation will not be easy as said daughter tries to avoid a growing threat from drug dealers.

Obviously, Blood Father is trying to piggyback off the success of the Taken franchise by shifting some elements around. Still, an action film starring Mel Gibson has its inherent appeals, so we're intrigued to see whether the actor actually signs on.

Source: Deadline

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