Fellow Screen Rant writer Rob Keyes was kind enough to put me on to the red band trailer for Black Dynamite, a hilarious (and raunchy) spoof of 60's & 70's blaxploitation films, starring Michael Jai White (Spawn) as the titular character, Black Dynamite.

He's a Kung-Fu man of the ghetto, out to protect his neighborhood from The Man, that white fiend ultimately responsible for all the drug pushers and malt liquor purveyors who plague the ghetto. When The Man kills Black Dynamite's brother in cold blood, things get personal and Black Dynamite goes looking for some payback, baby!

If that synopsis isn't enough to persuade you, you've just gotta check out the extended trailer. BE WARNED however; it is a red-band trailer and is absolutely NOT for kids.

Black Dynamite also stars comedians Arsenio Hall and Tommy Davidson as "Tasty Freeze" and "Cream Corn." The rest of the cast is made up of some "seen them in something" actors, and a few choice holdovers from the blaxploitation era, most notably the gruff-voiced, karate-master pimp who narrates the trailer. (Hilarious!)

You might also be happy to know that Black Dynamite has recently been accepted by the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Expect the star on this awesome movie to rise quickly.

But enough talk! You gotta watch the trailer to truly get to know the badass mo'fo who is, Black Dynamite! When you're done watching, let us know what you think! (Vic won't host the red-band trailer here at Screen Rant so you'll have to head over to if you want to see it.)

Here's the "green band" trailer, but while it's "clean" it's not nearly as funny as the "adult" version (although it does still give you a sense of the 70s cheese-factor of the movie):


Source: Black Dynamite Official Site

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