Artist Andy Park has shared some concept art that he produced for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, displaying an alternate idea of what Hela and her wolf Fenris could have looked like. Cate Blanchett ended up taking the role of Hela. She was inspired to sign on after hearing about the iconic scene where Hela destroys Mjolnir, Thor’s iconic hammer.

Blanchett told the press that she didn’t feel any pressure joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But on the other side of the coin, the Thor: Ragnarok writers were intimidated by the task of writing lines for an actor of Blanchett’s world-class caliber. There was also some concern about Hela just being Loki “with a vagina”, a pratfall that the finished film arguably avoids very well.

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In terms of how the character ended up looking in the film, there was originally only going to be one Hela costume in Thor: Ragnarok, but director Taika Waititi encouraged the costume department to showcase Hela’s evolution by utilizing multiple different looks. But none of Hela’s outfits from the film are identical to Andy Park’s concept art design, which the artist has now shared through his personal Twitter account:

The most obvious difference between Park’s concept art and the finished movie is the mask. Blanchett’s eyes are always on show during her Ragnarok scenes, but Park envisioned a version of Hela where all you can see of her eyes is a green glow emanating from within her dark mask. It’s an interesting effect, which gels nicely with the green coloration across the rest of the armor.

Another major difference is the cape. Although Hela does have a black cape in some scenes from the movie, its design is a lot more simple than the feather-like texturing that Park illustrated. Also, in Park’s artwork, both Hela’s cape and Fenris the wolf seem to be engulfed in spooky smoke. This eerie effect could have looked seriously cool on film.

However, in the end, not many movie characters end up looking exactly like their concept art. Although Blanchett’s Hela isn’t an identical replicate of Park’s ideas, you can see the connections between the two. The spikes coming from the head are a major similarity, for example. Park’s work clearly influenced the movie, even if it wasn’t reproduced wholesale within it.

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Source: Andy Park

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