Check Out The Royal Family's Powers in Marvel's Inhumans

With Marvel's Inhumans not so far away, a new video has debuted from Marvel TV that shows off the powers of the Royal Family. The series will initially debut in IMAX on September 1, and then on ABC from September 29 with a longer premiere and the full season. The live-action series sees a member of the Royal Family, Maximus, attempt a coup against his brother and King, Black Bolt.

Marvel TV's proven success on Netflix with all of their solo hero series earning followup seasons and building towards this week's anticipated launch of The Defenders. They're also having a successful run on traditional network television with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and whilst Agent Carter received cancellation, it was critically acclaimed. Marvel proved they can play with different styles and tones across their (mostly) shared cinematic universe. Marvel's Inhumans will also differ from their previous ventures with a heavy focus on a new group of characters with a unique history and power set.

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The video shows off Queen Medusa's powers, Karnak, and of course Black Bolt. We see a more combative Medusa as she uses her hair to stop an attacker in his tracks. Fans initially aired some concerns at the look of Medusa's hair and powers, but here the effects seem to have been improved considerably. There isn't any new footage of Black Bolt unleashing his powers yet, but we're teased with the devastating effects of his scream as he gasps and the sonic powers hurl a car backwards. During the video, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb says:

"When you're going on an adventure with Marvel, you know that what you're getting involved in is something absolutely breathtaking."

Hopefully, his enthusiasm for the series is well founded and that the adventure he's talking about will be worth the time and money to experience it in IMAX. Recently though, The Royal Family has taken a few hits from fans, many of which criticizing the overall look and tone of the series. Marvel promises that the footage we've seen so far hasn't been the finished product, and that it will look more impressive when it's finally released next month. Even the director behind the show, Roel Reine, said he wasn't impressed with the first trailer - because it hadn't been finished.

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Marvel's Inhumans will be more in line with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. since it'll be aired on the same network, so don't expect to see Black Bolt blasting people into a gory mess on the Friday night slot. Hopefully, the effects will be polished and slick to an MCU standard by the time of release, and we can all enjoy the adventures on Atilan.

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