Check Out The Awesome New Quantum Of Solace Trailer!

Daniel Craig as James Bond in a scene from the new Quantum of Solace trailer

This next James Bond movie is pretty much the only big film I'm looking forward to for the rest of 2008.

And this new trailer (number 2) for Quantum of Solace just confirmed that for me.

Based on Casino Royale, the previous trailer for Quantum of Solace and this latest one, I'm really liking the direction the James Bond franchise is taking. This is the equivalent of the Batman Begins/Dark Knight reboot - another case of having it done well and injecting new life into a stale movie franchise.

But hey, judge for yourself right here - check out the trailer below:


So what do you think? Might this next film even be better than Casino Royale? (The Dark Knight comparisons just keep coming...)

Here's the official site:

Quantum of Solace opens on November 14th.

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