SR Pick: Watch A Chatroulette-Style Interactive First Person Shooter

Chatroulette is an online chat website that has been live since it was launched by its creator and owner Andrey Ternovsky  in 2009. Given the basic structure of the site, which randomly assigns visitors to an online conversation with other users contemporaneously available to converse via text, audio, and (most importantly) video, the website has been the source for a display of creativity from a number of its individual users in the past. Unfortunately, it has also been host to a far wider smattering of inappropriate and lewd user activity (resulting in a fair amount of criticism leveled against it).

One particular user has offered several Chatroulette users on the site a particularly unique experience to off set the amount of malicious content. To be exact, David M. Reynolds (the Creative Director of Realm Pictures) crafted an first person shooter inspired interactive gaming experience through Ternovsky's live video-based social media platform.

In the video featured above, Reynolds and Realm Pictures offered a number of visitors to Chatroulette the opportunity to engage in an interactive first person shooter video game experience. The nine minute clip compiled by the U.K. based production studio has Reynolds narrating a live action, zombie survival game for users on Chatroulette to engage in and explore (in addition to some portions captured from users on two similar video chat websites, Omegle and Skype).

Chatroulette FPS Shooter

The ingenuity and collaboration on display in the above gaming experience achieved through creative manipulation of existing technology is a joy to watch. On a website as notorious for generating a proliferation of prurient misconduct and predatory abuse of private accounts, such an example of imaginative creativity is truly something special, and worthy of the site's existence in the first place.

With the price to most cutting-edge gaming technology and consoles so high, it's kind of amazing that any filmmaking studio would go to so much trouble to provide online web browsers with a free and truly unique cinematic opportunity such as this one. Call of Duty might be the number one FPS shooter on the market for console owners, but experiences such as the one featured above make it possible for those unable or otherwise disengaged from the video game realm to have in on the fun as well.

Source: Realm Pictures

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