Chasing Classic Cars is a series that follows Wayne Carini, an expert restorer and Ferrari enthusiast, as he seeks out the world’s most interesting, unique, rare cars. It has run for nine seasons on the Velocity network, an offshoot of the Discovery Channel.

It has garnered quite a few fans over the years and has proven to be one of the network’s biggest successes. Fans have taken to Carini’s straight-laced, but personable attitude and have enjoyed the impressive discoveries, restorations and guest stars that the show has to offer.

Of course, nothing is ever exactly as it appears on the screen. Everything suffers its share of hardships and things are often played up for the cameras.

In the case of Chasing Classic Cars it also happens that the world of restorations and car auctions have a lot of gray area that the show can’t help but be intertwined with, let alone the average trials, tribulations and behind-the-scenes drama of reality television.

Because of this, we’ll be looking at everything from the truth behind the show itself, as well as guest stars and the world behind car auctions and pricing in general.

Here are the 15 Dark Secrets Behind Chasing Classic Cars.

15. Auction Prices Aren’t What They Appear to Be

 15 Dark Secrets Behind Chasing Classic Cars

On the surface, all of the deals sound great. People get exceptional amounts of money for their cars. But it’s not always as it appears to be depicted on shows like Chasing Classic Cars.

There are always other factors, and when it comes to car auctions—even the ones on this series—customers can wind up paying way more than promised, with fees and additional costs that can balloon into the thousands of dollars range.

Cars are also often unsalable, which is how they wind up at auctions in the first place. That’s not always the case, of course, but it’s a danger at every auction and forces every car to be closely inspected before being auctioned or sold. There may be some diamonds in the rough, but plenty of lemons surrounding them, too.

14. Wayne Carini Plays Up Interest in Certain Cars For Show

Chasing Classic Cars Show Wayne Carini 15 Dark Secrets Behind Chasing Classic Cars

To be fair, this is simply the reality of reality television. There’s a need to make the experts at the center of the show look like experts on everything, no matter what.

However, the guys on Pawn Stars don’t actually know everything about every item that comes through their store, the Secret Stash gang of Comic Book Men haven’t read every comic book ever written. Also, Wayne Carini isn’t in love with every single car he sees and doesn’t always know exactly what he’s looking at.

These things have to be set up way ahead of time in order to meet shooting schedules, in order to be approved to be shown on television and so many other things that suck the reality out of reality TV little by little.