Charmed Reboot Casts Rupert Evans As Its New [Spoiler]

The CW's Charmed reboot has added Rupert Evans in the likely role of the main characters' new Whitelighter. Charmed had a successful first run from 1998-2006, and this second go-around will be a little bit modified. The slightly younger main cast will still be three sisters who discover they're witches, but they'll be living in a college town and the reboot will have a "fierce, feminist" tone and theme to it.

Two of the leading sisters have already been cast, as has a love interest of one of the witches. The network still has plenty of work to do to round out the main cast, but has zeroed in on Evans (The Man in the High Castle) in a mysterious role known only as "Harry" right now. But the description of the new character sheds some light on what to expect from him, and strongly hints at the greater role he'll play in the main characters' lives.

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TV Line first reported the news of Evans' casting on Wednesday. His character, Harry, is described as "a professor, handsome, grandiose, a raconteur with an infuriating charm and a mysterious interest in the three sisters." The report takes that last part as an indication that he will be a Whitelighter for the main characters. As a refresher, Whitelighters are a sort of "guardian angel" for good witches who protect and guide them toward their destiny in life, which could be to become Whitelighters themselves. Brian Krause notably played Leo Wyatt, the Whitelighter for the original Charmed sisters, for 146 episodes.

Rupert Evans in Man in the High Castle

The Charmed reboot has already cast two of the three main sisters. Melonie Diaz will play Mel Pruitt"a passionate, outspoken activist who loses her way in the wake of family tragedy," who will also be an LGBT character. Sarah Jeffery was recently cast as Madison, “a bubbly college freshman who finds witchcraft at odds with her goal of getting into a super-fun sorority.“ Ser'Darius Blain (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) is also in the fold as Galvin, the boyfriend of one of the leads. The show has yet to find an actress for the third sister, Macy.

TV Line added that it's unclear at this point what kind of impact Charmed will have on Evans' involvement in a potential fourth season of Man in the High Castle, should the reboot get ordered to series. Season 3 of High Castle has already wrapped. It's possible that Charmed does have a major impact on Evans' role in High Castle, if Jeffery's significantly reduced role on NBC's Shades of Blue is any indication.

Fans of Evans' performance as Frank Frink on The Man in the High Castle will be disappointed and concerned by the news of his addition to Charmed, considering there's a chance he goes from series regular to a recurring guest role on the former. But assuming he does play his likely role as the Whitelighter for the three sisters in the new Charmed, the actor's followers will have a whole new performance to enjoy.

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Source: TV Line

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