Charmed Reboot at The CW Takes Place in the 1970s

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There have been talks of a Charmed reboot for quite some time now, after the supernatural fantasy series came to an end over a decade ago in 2006. Running over eight seasons and delighting audiences of millions across the globe, the show’s success meant a variety of developments in other forms of media was made, including a comic book series, novels, a video game and more. It’s fair to say that even after all the years it’s been off the air, it’s been an incredible success and has earned its place in history as a cult classic.

Now it’s officially been revealed that the series will be making a comeback on television network The CW, but as it’s in such early stages of development, none of the cast have yet been announced. There’s nothing stopping the characters we all fell in love with back during the show’s original run making a return, but this piece of news from Entertainment Weekly suggests that if they do make an appearance, it will only be in a guest slot, as the show is taking a step back in time.

Yes, despite the original series taking place in a contemporary setting, the “reimagining” will be moving back to 1976. Jessica O’Toole, Amy Rardin and Jennie Snyder will be writing the new version of the series, following their work on The CW show Jane the Virgin.

Shannen Doherty in Charmed

Currently at the scripting stage of the new take on Charmed, there may be ways for O’Toole, Rardin and Snyden to get the original cast members – Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowen – involved in some form or another, but it seems unlikely at this stage.

Knowing that one of the leading shows to dabble in the world of the supernatural is finally and officially making a comeback is something very exciting for an original fan of the series. The world of Charmed is one that can expand and evolve, opening the doors for countless storylines and paths for the show to tread down.

However, when a show of this type is rebooted the people behind it have got to make sure they’re doing everything in their power to reach the dizzying heights expected by the series’ incredible fan base. There are going to be a lot of people tuning in when Charmed returns to the small screen, so let’s hope it isn’t charmless when all is said and done.

There's no official word on when Charmed will be making its return, but stick with us at Screen Rant and we'll bring you all the latest news.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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