Charmed: 10 Saddest Moments Of The Original Series, Ranked

The Charmed Ones may have prevailed in the end, but they did face some big tragedies along the way.

It's been 13 years since the original Charmed ended and it's just as popular today. Similar to the reboot, the show follows a sisterhood of witches who find out they are 'The Charmed Ones'. 'The Charmed Ones' are known to be the most powerful witches in the world, who dedicate their lives to fighting the sources of all evil. The first recruits were: Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly-Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) Halliwell. However, Paige (Rose McGowan) was introduced as the fourth sister after Prue died in the season 4 premiere.

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This was not the only tragedy they had to face, with the sisters having to sacrifice many desires to save the world. From Prue's death to Phoebe killing Cole (Julian McMahon), here are the show's 10 saddest moments, ranked.

10 Piper guilt over Dr. Williamson's death (S2 Ep20)

In the episode "Astral Monkey", The Charmed Ones face off against a sadistic doctor (Matthew Glave) who learns of their powers. This is the same doctor who worked on Piper's case in "Awakened" when she had a life-threatening virus. He now wants the witches to help him save his sister.

However, the story takes a dark turn when Dr. Williamson begins to harvest the organs of criminals. As his behavior spirals, it looked as if the sisters would have to vanquish him (much to Piper's reluctance). When he tries to kill them, the Charmed Ones have no choice but to defend themselves. The episode ends with Piper crying over his death and Leo (Brian Krause) orbing in to comfort her.

9 Chris dies (S6 Ep23)

Chris (Drew Fuller) may not have been a fan favorite, but that does not mean his death wasn't sad. Especially under the circumstances where he died trying to save Wyatt from Gideon (Gildart Jackson). As Chris was about to reach for his brother, Gideon stabbed him. By the time Leo heard his cries and orbed back, it was too late.

Chris died with Leo and Paige at his bedside. Fans would often describe it as one of the most heartbreaking scenes as it saw the newly-repaired relationship between father and son ripped apart. Leo began his descent into darkness as he watched Chris fade in his arms.

8 Piper finds Phoebe's body (S8 Ep21)

Season 8 saw the Charmed Ones face their toughest challenge yet when they took on Billie (Kaley Cuoco) and her sister Christy (Marnette Patterson). The episode "Kill Billie, Vol 2." sees it all come to blows at the Halliwell manor (literally) when both groups gain powers from the Hollow. It results in the manor exploding, with Piper and Billie the sole survivors.

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The saddest part of this is when Piper finds Phoebe. When Piper is looking among the wreckage, she finds Phoebe's body under some debris. Despite begging her to wake up, Piper soon realizes she has died and cradles her to her body. To this day, fans can still remember the desperation when she said: "C'mon kiddo".

7 Paige cries over Kyle (S7 Ep13)

In "Charmageddon", Leo and sisters are pleased to be getting a chance at the quiet life. The Avatars have created an ideal world where no evil resides. However, all is not what it seems when The Avatars eliminate anyone who threatens the utopian peace.

When an individual 'disappears', nobody grieves properly as they claim "they are in a better place". This includes Paige, whose boyfriend was killed fighting The Avatars. After Leo disappears, Phoebe and Piper realize the new world is not perfect. In turn, they force Paige to face her grief from losing Kyle (Kerr Smith). It's sad to watch Paige's hopes get dashed when the restart of the world wouldn't see him brought back.

6 Paige watches her parents die (S4 Ep10)

The episode "A Paige from the Past" provided fans with insight into the newest Halliwell sister. Fans discover that Paige's adoptive parents died in a tragic car accident when she was a teenager. She tells her sisters that she feels guilty for surviving the crash when they didn't. Leo decides to use a favor from an old friend to help her move on.

Leo and Paige travel back into the past, retracing her steps from the day of the accident. Paige tries to prevent their deaths, but the loophole backfires. Once more, she is forced to watch her parents die. She realizes that her powers saved her, but the trip proves to have done more damage than good. Paige cries over the fact that they will never know what good parents they were.

5 Piper dies after getting shot (S3 Ep22)

When they take the fight to the streets, the Halliwell sisters are exposed as witches by a national television crew. The revelation attracts a lot of attention from other news crews and witches. One being Alice Hicks, who hopes to join their coven; Prue flings her out of the house after she breaks in. As a result, Alice shoots Piper.

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With Leo in the Underworld, Prue desperately tries to get Piper to the hospital; yet, it is too late. Piper begs Prue to not leave her side, telling her she loves her before dying. It was one of the most devastating scenes in the series as Marie-Combs and Doherty's performance was raw with emotion.

4 Piper breaks down at Prue's grave (S4 Ep3)

It came as a grave shock to all when it was revealed that Prue had died in the fight against Shax ("Charmed Again, Part 1"). Piper did not cope with the loss very well, suppressing the rage until it came pouring out of her in "Hell Hath No Fury". This was because she was infected by a Fury, which is a demonic vigilante that used anger as a tool for power.

It all came to a head when Paige realized that Piper was angry at Prue. She and Leo decide to orb Piper to Prue's grave, where fans watch Piper finally give in to her grief and break down. Paige can only watch on helplessly as Leo tries to comfort her.

3 Leo and Piper break Up (S5 Ep23)

"Oh My Goddess! Part 2" saw Leo and Piper's marriage put through its toughest test. After the death of many Elders and Whitelighters, Chris manages to convince Leo to give the Charmed Ones the powers of the Gods to protect those who remain. For all his hard work, the Elders appoint Leo to become one of them.

Piper is devastated by Leo's new promotion as it tears their family apart. She begs him to come home and not give up on their life. Yet, Leo is determined to stay as an Elder. It's upsetting to watch as Piper worries about the impact it will have on Wyatt and whether she would be enough.

2 Phoebe kills Cole (S4 Ep20)

For weeks, fans watched as Phoebe was torn between her loyalty for family and her husband. She quickly became strained with her sisters after it was discovered that Cole was the new Source. Tensions increased further when Phoebe discovered she was pregnant with his baby.

However, the battle came to a height after Cole was about to kill Piper and Paige. Phoebe couldn't stand back and watch her sisters die so she ended up helping them vanquish her husband. The saddest moment came at the end when Piper and Paige found Phoebe sobbing on her bed, climbing in to comfort her as she cries for her husband.

1 Leo is taken by the Angel of Destiny (S8 Ep10)

After Leo became human, you think he and Piper would have a chance of happiness right? Wrong. In the episode "Vaya Con Leos" The Charmed Ones have to find a way to save Leo from the Angel of Death. Piper tries many tricks to protect Leo but has to take drastic action when he is almost killed.

The Charmed Ones contact the Angel of Destiny to find out if they can prevent his death. When she reveals Leo's death motivates them to fight in the Ultimate Battle, Piper comes up with an alternative deal. The Angel of Destiny would take Leo and would not return him until The Charmed Ones won the final battle. The sisters reluctantly agree and share an emotional farewell with Leo.

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