Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The Original Charmed Characters

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is a personality inventory of psychological types. Different groups of letters stand for various traits, and each person identifies with one of these personality types more than the others.

Recently, we have taken a look at the MBTI® found in Twilight, Arrested Development and South Park, to name a few. But today, we will be looking at the personality traits seen in the characters from the original television series Charmed. It will be fun to see who is what, and reminisce on these magical people! So scroll down to learn the MBTI® of OG Charmed characters... 

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10 Prue: ISTJ & ESTJ

We will be starting with the oldest Charmed One, Prue Halliwell. Prue is a mix of two types: ISTJ and ESTJ. These are very similar, as they describe people who are quiet, serious, practical, responsible, and organized. And those are definitely some of the top descriptors that would describe the oldest sister in this family!

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Prue decided logically what should be done, whether this group was dealing with household matters or facing a demon. Then, she would get the job done, no matter what, making sure everything was always done efficiently and thoroughly.

9 Piper: ISFJ

Next up is Piper Halliwell (who was born after Prue). She is an ISFJ, as she is quiet, friendly, and conscientious. Piper is a mother, a wife, a business owner, and a Charmed One, so she has a lot on her plate; she deals with all of this in a committed and steady way, but more importantly, she is considerate of others while doing so. She wants there to be an orderly and harmonious environment for all of her loved ones, so she quietly yet effectively keeps things in order.

8 Phoebe: ESFP

Phoebe Halliwell is the third daughter in the family, and she is an ESFP. An ESFP is outgoing and accepting, which makes sense here since Phoebe is the fun one of the group.

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She had her wild days, but when she moved back home, she got serious about life (since she started facing demons but also since she got a job, chipped in around the house, and so on). No matter what Phoebe is doing, though, she seems to be enjoying life, loving others, and bringing a little pizzazz to everything!  

7 Paige: INTJ

Back in the day, the three previously mentioned leading ladies were the only Charmed Ones, but then, it was discovered that there was a younger half-sister: Paige Matthews! Paige is an INTJ, and she is sort of a mix of Prue and Phoebe; she likes to have a good time, but she is also very organized and practical. Paige also caught on to magic quickly with her original mind and great drive. She independently carries through on whatever task is set before her, and while doing so, she has high standards for herself and for everyone who is around her.

6 Leo: ENFJ

Leo Wyatt serves as a Whitelighter to the Charmed Ones, but he also serves as a husband to Piper. And this protector and lover is an ENFJ. He is warm yet responsible and highly attuned to the emotions and needs of others.

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Leo is responsive to any praise or criticism that is given to him. He can essentially find potential in anyone since it is his job to facilitate and mentor his charges. Even though he can be soft-spoken and sometimes even overshadowed by all the women in the house, he is an inspiring leader in this story.

5 Darryl: INFP

Up next is Darryl Morris. He is an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department and a friend to the Halliwell family. Darryl is an INFP, as he is loyal to his values and to people who are important to him. See, he wants his actions to line up with his duties (which would be solving crimes in a legal and safe way), but he also wants to help out the Charmed Ones (so he sometimes has to bend the rules). Through it all, though, he seeks to understand people and to help them, meaning he can definitely be described as adaptable and accepting (since he accepted the fact that he is friends with witches!).

4 Cole: ENTJ

Another main man in this show is Cole Turner, and he is an ENTJ. An ENTJ can come across as forceful, but they (usually) mean well. This sounds like Cole!

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He can be frank and forthright, and that is because he knows what he wants and how to best go about getting it. He also can see where there are problems and can easily come up with a better procedure/policy. Due to these qualities, he assumes leadership roles quickly (as seen when he was ruling the Underworld) and appears strong and smart to others (which he is!).

3 Andy: INFJ

The last male character that will be discussed here today is Andy Trudeau. He was a police inspector for the San Francisco Police Department and was the on again-off again boyfriend of Prue. As an INFJ, Andy was mostly seen working, so he was seen connecting ideas and thoughts in order to solve crimes. He was always seeking to understand people, including Prue, yet he stayed conscientious committed to serving the common good; he wanted things to be easy between him and Prue, yet his job and her duties as a Charmed One got in the way.

2 Patty: ENFP

Patty Halliwell is the mother of the group. She had Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige, and since she, too, is magical, she is able to come back and help them out at times. Oh, and Patty is an ENFP! She is imaginative, supportive, and flexible — the same warm traits seen in her daughters.

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She is also bright and bold, as she processes information quickly and readily relies on her abilities, no matter what, which are more traits that can be seen in the Charmed Ones at times. Her magic is important to her, but her family means everything to her.

1 Penny: ENTP

Last but not least, we have Penny Halliwell, who is Patty’s mother and the grandmother to the Charmed Ones. Penny is an ENTP, as she is ingenious and outspoken.

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She is super resourceful and even in her next life, when she is able to come back and visit her family, she is very helpful in solving challenges. She is also good at reading people, meaning that even without magic, she is able to gauge a situation and come up with a solution that leaves those around her healthy and happy.

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