Charmed & Lost Boys TV Reboots Pushed Back to 2018

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In the current age of TV reboots and revivals, networks seem to be almost tripping over themselves to greenlight new shows based on popular existing properties. It's not at all hard to understand why, as in an age where consumers have literally thousands of broadcast, cable, and streaming networks from which to choose, a name and/or characters people recognize are likely to cause many people to stop and check out the show in question.

Two such upcoming TV reboots previously shepherded into development by The CW are shows based on the long-running WB witchcraft drama Charmed and the 1987 cult classic vampire film The Lost Boys. Interestingly, both Charmed and The Lost Boys are set to be period pieces, with the former set in 1976 and the latter set in 1967. Both series also hail from producers already valued by the network, with Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman in charge of Charmed, and iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas developing Lost Boys.

Unfortunately for those looking forward to the impending arrival of both aforementioned reboots, THR reports that The CW has decided to roll over development on both Charmed and Lost Boys into the 2018-2019 TV season. Part of the reasoning behind the delay is sheer lack of space on the schedule, as The CW has already picked up six pilots for the upcoming season, the same number as the network picked up last year. Additionally, the Charmed script reportedly didn't come together as well as The CW expected it to, and the added development time will hopefully allow that to change.

Lost Boys Cast

As one might imagine, the '70s-set Charmed reboot is designed as a prequel to the original series, although reports have conflicted as to whether a direct narrative connection between the two shows will be introduced. Actual plot and character details on the reboot are also vague at this point, although it has been confirmed that the new trio of leads will still possess the Power of Three, despite not being blood related.

The plan for Lost Boys is even more complex than that of Charmed, with the idea being for it to be a quasi-anthology series, taking place over the course of seven seasons. Putting aside the wildly optimistic assumption that the reboot will last for seven seasons, each prospective season would be set in a different decade, with season 1 in the '60s, season 2 in the '70s, and so on. The setting, story, and human characters would change each season, with only the titular vampires serving as the common thread.

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We’ll keep you updated on Charmed and The Lost Boys as more information becomes available.

Source: THR

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