House Actress Charlyne Yi Accuses Marilyn Manson of Sexual Harassment

Hollywood has been rocked with countless accusations of harassment and sexual abuse lately, and now other industries are beginning to feel the sting with House actress Charlyne Yi now accusing musician Marilyn Manson of harassment - both sexual and otherwise.

Manson suffered an apparent breakdown while performing in New York Thursday night. THR details Manson's "bizarre" behavior which reportedly included a freestyle jam and demanding the audience to applaud him before cutting the entire concert short. Concertgoers reported the band would simply stop playing songs partway through and that Manson would spend up to ten minutes begging and demanding for applause. By the end of the interrupted performance, the audience began to scream for refunds.

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House actress Charlyne Yi took to Twitter to address the bizarre incident. According to Yi, Manson was a fan of the medical mystery drama and had visited the set of House a "long time ago" only to make the cast incredibly uncomfortable. Yi said Manson had a habit of making lewd remarks to the women of the cast, herself included, asking if them if they were going to partake in certain lesbian sexual activities. Manson's antics also took on a racist air, as Yi has accused him of calling her a "China man." You can read her full tweet below:

Yi called the news of Manson's breakdown "triggering" and felt compelled to air some grievances she had against the shock rocker. But she also expressed her hope that the musician would be able to seek help for his perceived mental health issues. Yi also shared her apparent reason for waiting so long to say anything, stating that when victims come forward to make an accusation, their name forever becomes tied to the name of their abuser. "And that's just your name from now on. It almost overrides who you are," she said.

Beginning with the now-infamous Harvey Weinstein scandal - and growing to include big names like Kevin Spacey and Paul Haggis - the wave of accusations seems to be taking a turn as of late. While many of the early allegations involved harrowing stories of rape and molestation, the more recent accusations seem to be bringing another sort of systematic abuse to light. With stories like the alleged retelling of Aziz Ansari's disastrous date and now Yi's account of Manson's insensitive behavior, people are now beginning to discuss the nuances of consent and abuse without apparent violence or force.

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Source: Twitter, THR

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