Atomic Blonde 2 Needs to Happen Before Furiosa

Charlize Theron's appearance as Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road left a number of fans wanting to see more of the character. Director George Miller was among those fans, having originally planned the film as part of a duology that would see Furiosa headlining her own film as well. The Furiosa solo film hasn't happened yet, but there's still talk about it as a possibility.

While fans wait for more Furiosa news, we've been treated to Theron's debut as Lorraine Broughton in director David Leitch's Atomic Blonde. This has led us to one conclusion: An Atomic Blonde sequel needs to happen for Theron before Furiosa gets off the ground.

Why does Atomic Blonde 2 need to come out before Furiosa? It all comes down to the characters that Theron plays in the two films.

Lorraine vs. Furiosa

Mad Max Fury Road - Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa

Imperator Furiosa was one of Charlize Theron's most powerful characters to date. Praised by many critics for both her intelligence under pressure and the way that she embraced her disability, Furiosa took on seemingly impossible odds in order to do what she felt was right. A Furiosa spinoff could either show how she came to be such a respected member of Immortan Joe's following or deal with the aftermath of Joe's defeat and likely show Furiosa fending off outside threats that seek to take over in Joe's absence. Regardless of the setup, fans would likely get to see Furiosa at her best as she took on whatever threats the wasteland could throw her way.

Atomic Blonde's Lorraine Broughton was another powerful character, caught up in a world where nothing (including Lorraine) is as it seems. On a mission for MI6 to uncover a mole and recover a piece of microfilm containing a list of the names of every field agent in the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War. Lorraine is smart, sneaky and snarky, but she's also quite lethal. Throughout the course of the film she stays one step ahead of everyone else involved in the search for the list, including both those who want to buy it and those who seek to recover it. Though the film wasn't perfect, it was definitely enjoyable enough to warrant a sequel showcasing the further adventures of Lorraine.

Franchise Potential

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

In both Mad Max: Fury Road and Atomic Blonde, the films ended with fans wanting to see more of Theron's characters. A Furiosa spinoff could easily earn itself a sequel, telling more stories from within the world of Mad Max without having to have Max himself as a character. Atomic Blonde could also make a name for itself, and part of its narrative taking place in the past gives it plenty of room to place other films within its universe. Both characters have the sort of power onscreen to lead not only a movie but a franchise; Lorraine was obviously the driving force behind Atomic Blonde, and Furiosa, who by all rights should be considered a secondary character, was the dominant force in Fury Road.

With films like John Wick amassing such a following, studios are looking for similar projects to build franchises around. Lionsgate recently purchased a La Femme Nikita-like action script called Ballerina to add to its offerings, and other studios are shopping around for projects that will also help them to cash in on the current craze for character-driven action fare. Warner Bros. could use Furiosa to branch out from the central Mad Max universe and create projects that didn't center around Max, and Focus could use Atomic Blonde as the starting point for a franchise based around MI6 and Lorraine's twisted world.

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