Charlie's Justice League Or Mad Penguins Of America?

So... How's THAT for a convoluted title? :-)

The rumour is that George Miller may be the man to direct the live action movie version of Justice League of America (aka as the less U.S.-centric sounding JLA). However IESB just posted that there may be another in line for the director's chair on this project... Are you ready?


Yes, the man that brought us the deeply moving and entertaining Charlie's Angels movies has a chance to take the reins of a superhero movie populated by the most iconic heroes on the planet.

Now before I get all critical on this guy I have to admit I haven't seen his movie We Are Marshall, which was a serious flick. It's only rated at 50% over at Rotten Tomatoes by over at IMDB it's got a pretty solid 7.2/10. Of course I don't put as much credence in the IMDB votes as I do with R/T, but 50% isn't completely awful.

If you remember, at one time McG (sigh, a non-rapper white guy with a "handle"... yeesh) was in line to direct the long awaited Superman movie before Brian Singer took over. In retrospect I'm wondering if a McG helmed Superman movie could have been much worse than Superman Returns. Back at the time I believe that he did want to make some rather hideous and idiotic changes to the character and/or costume.

George Miller on the other hand was the director of the original Mad Max movie and served as producer on Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Then again he's also responsible for Happy Feet, the penguin movie. I suppose if you're capable of both ends of that spectrum you might be able to handle the Justice League...

What superheroes will be in the movie? At this point it looks like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and possibly Aquaman. And according to the rumor mill one of the JLA members will not survive to see a sequel. This is total speculation but I'd put my money on either Aquaman or The Flash.

At this early stage my gut-check-o-meter is hovering around "Pessimistic."

Source: IESB

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