The Internet's Best Reactions to the New Charlie's Angels Trailer

The Charlie's Angels reboot is shaping up to be a blast. Here are reactions from the latest trailer.

The newest iteration of the franchise, which first landed as a TV show in 1976, promises to bring Charlie's Angels back from a "company that was created by well-intentioned men and then taken over by corrupt jerk-offs, so we’re taking the company back and reinstating its mission statement," as Kristen Stewart said on set. The internet, of course, responded. Here are the best responses so far.

9 Kristen Stewart!

The single biggest reaction to the trailer so far has been one name: Kristen Stewart! After years of independent flicks, the star is back in a major franchise and people are delighted. Her clothes, her swagger, and yes--her hair. The internet seems to have one big crush on Stewart again, and everyone is already begging for more. Many are commenting on all the queer energy Stewart brings to the trailer, especially the way she calls Noah Centineo a "handsome nerd" and wonders why Ella Balinska's character would flirt with him. No word yet on whether or not the film will finally include an explicitly queer Angel, but the last iteration certainly toyed with queer energy a bit.

Whatever happens with the sexuality of the characters, Kristen Stewart is killing it in this trailer and the internet is here. for. it.

8 Women Supporting Women

The new cast takes our breath away too. Elizabeth Banks wrote, directed, and starred in the film, but when the trailer dropped she only had praise for the new cast of Angels. "These badass women take my breath away," she wrote. Banks' mood about it is indicative of the larger mood toward the movie. While obviously there are men involved (Noah Centineo also appears in the film, after all), people are the most excited about the four women the trailer highlighted. Kristen Stewart stars as Sabina, Naomi Scott as Elena, and Ella Balinska as Jane. Banks will be playing Bosley, a role formerly held only by men.

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The trailer certainly took a lot of people's breath away. A day later and we're all still catching our breath.

7 The Cullens Are At It Again

Naturally, some people will never forget one of Kristen Stewart's earliest and most famous movies. Both she and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson are both stepping into enormous roles this year: it was just announced that Pattinson will be playing Batman in the new film, The Batman, due out in 2021.  In the Twilight universe, the Cullens had to reinvent new identities every few decades so people wouldn't notice that they never aged. Clearly, this is where they've decided to head next: Spy work and superhero-ing.

6 It's Making Us Healthy

After a full day of viewing the new trailer, everyone's skin is looking better. The stars may have the best products and skincare routines in the world, but the fans have the next best thing: Pure joy and glitter moisturizer. As director Elizabeth Banks tweeted out, a lot of the people talking about the new film online are excited to be supporting a work that was so clearly crafted by women. As one of the writers, one of the producers, and the director, Banks is certainly encouraging the spirit.

5 Gearing Up For New Tattoos

The new logo plays a central role in the movie. Each of the Angels has a gold one as a tattoo that they can use to contact one another. Now, it's going to play another role: Quickly identifying fans. The logo has the benefit of not really looking like a corporate logo, so it can be easily adapted into a great tattoo. It's got a trendy and edgy geometric look to it, and it's just the right kind of mysterious to invite questions.

4 Not Staying Cool About It

The internet lost its collective mind over the trailer, and this video captures that energy perfectly. People tried to remain calm, but in just about two and a half minutes the trailer made that pretty impossible. From Naomi Scott's wide-eyed naiveté to Elizabeth Banks's entrance as Bosley, to the closet full of costumes from all the previous movies and tv shows, the trailer gave people a lot of get on board with.

3 All The Queer Energy

Many people are talking about the queer energy of the film, especially around Kristen Stewart's performance. The LGBTQ community on Twitter has been toasting to the trailer since it was dropped. While some people are deriding the film's sapphic energy because they believe that Charlie's Angels can only be sexy if they're answering to a man, a much larger contingent of the internet is excited to see this side of Stewart in a major franchise movie. That said, it's hard to know just from the trailer whether or not she will play an openly queer character. While she is seen starting to seduce a man in the trailer, she never does kiss him--only punches him. Repeatedly.

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2 Updating The Poster Already

Naturally, the poster was edited within hours to pay homage to the queer overtones of the movie. A little rainbow was added over the girls' hands, and a new tagline was added to the top: Lets Go Lesbians.

While we don't have any explicit evidence that any of the main characters will be queer, people are hopeful. This wouldn't be the first reboot of a franchise to finally include queer characters, but since the TV show was so explicitly for the male gaze it would be a very big shift for this franchise. It's exciting to see a movie--especially a reboot--receive a ton of enthusiastic support early in. The new Charlie's Angels is receiving it in spades.

1 We Stan It

After this trailer? Yeah, we all do.

While there has been some backlash, as there always is to reboots, the reaction to this trailer has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to everyone's reaction to Kristen Stewart, this trailer also comes on the heels of the success of the live-action reboot of Aladdin, and Naomi Scott's performance in that surprise success. Thankfully, we've got several months of waiting to go before the movie's release, which means we have a few more trailers to get excited about.

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