Robert Wagner Joins 'Charlie’s Angels' as the Voice of Charlie

Veteran actor Robert Wagner has signed on to ABC’s television reboot of Charlie’s Angels to play the voice of the unseen mastermind himself – Charlie.

Robert Wagner to voice Charlie in Charlie's Angels

ABC’s planned reboot of the Charlie’s Angels TV show is in full pre-production mode. It was just last week when we reported that ABC has given the reboot the green light for a pilot and now the man (or rather the voice) of Charlie himself has been cast.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that longtime actor Robert Wagner has agreed to be the voice of Charlie after being asked by Charlie’s Angels producer Leonard Goldberg to join the production.

So far, Wagner is all by himself as he is the only confirmed cast member on the new show. Goldberg’s production company Mandy Films tells us that auditions have already taken place for John Bosely – the Angel’s handler – but that no shortlist of possible candidates exists at this point.

The new Charlie’s Angels will be set in Miami which most likely means more bikini shots of the Angels than an episode of Baywatch (depending on who they cast that’s not a necessarily a bad thing.) In the 1970 original show Charlie always communicated with the Angels via a speakerphone but that is sure to be updated to a newer form of technology. Let's just hope that Wagner's vision for communicating with his Angels doesn't pan out:

“I would imagine it will probably be quite different because the technology is quite different. I would imagine it would be on cell phones wherever these gals are. I could be tweeting them, I could be doing a lot of things with them, you know.”

Original Charlie's Angels and John Forsythe as Bosely

Not to nitpick Mr. Wagner but I would think if he’s hired to be the VOICE of Charlie then there’s very little chance of him “tweeting” directions to the girls. Why hire an actor to play a voice if you’re only going to show his fingers pounding away on an iPhone (it’s always an Apple product in Hollywood)?

If writers Al Gough and Miles Millar do update the form of communication to something newer then I’d rather not see something like Twitter or Facebook used – how about something like Skype instead? Most likely the trio of female spies will use a fancy form of video communication to talk with Charlie with his face blacked out or conveniently hidden by the shadows.

Mandy Films also tells us that the pilot for Charlie’s Angels will film this year with the series to premier next season on ABC. Let’s hope this TV reboot is better received by audiences then the failed Bonic Woman and Knight Rider reboots.

Charlie’s Angels hits the small screen in 2012.

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Source: EW

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