Charlie’s Angels Reboot: 10 Most Badass Moments

The new version of Charlie's Angels brings truly badass characters to the big screen with these big moments.

Charlies Angels

The Charlie’s Angels television series debuted in 1976 with a mysterious voice on a speakerphone, three women investigating cases, and a liaison between the two. As the franchise has moved into a new generation, it’s been termed a reboot because of the updates made. Truly, this version is a continuation of the versions of the story that came before. Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott bring a new trio to the screen, backed by a Bosley played by Elizabeth Banks. They’re also backed by other Angels all over the world. It creates a new environment and a lot of new opportunities for badass moments. 

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Warning: There are mild spoilers for the movie. For fans who haven’t seen it yet and wish to remain unspoiled, they might want to bookmark these badass moments and return later.

10 Sabina Is Just The Decoy

Parts of this particular scene appeared in trailers for the movie. It kicked off the story, and the dynamic between Sabina and Jane, but it also showed just how much of a badass Sabina was. 

For most of the movie, Sabina is employed as a con artist or the lift. In Brazil, at the start of the movie, she’s still conning the mark, but she gets to use a bit more physical skill. Showing a level head, gymnastic capability, and a serious set of fighting skills, she subdues her target (using drapes, no less), distracts many of his bodyguards, and has a full report ready for Jane when she emerges on the scene.

9 Elena Chooses To Be A Whistleblower

Naomi Scott As Elena In Charlies Angels 2019

Not all badass moments in action movies have to involve a big fight. Elena only gets involved with the Angels because she makes a hard choice. She could have kept her position at a comfortable job doing research into technology. Elena gives all of that up.

Instead of keeping her head down and being a “good employee,” Elena chooses to speak out about the dangers of putting her project, Calisto, on the market. She also contacts the Townsend Agency for help to do the right thing, causing her to begin her big adventure. 

8 Jane’s Car Chase

Jane’s the muscle, so we pretty much expect her to have some impressive skills in hand-to-hand combat and weapon use. She pulls out one pretty crazy move early in the movie that leaves audiences wondering if there’s anything she can’t do.

During the middle of a car chase, it’s Jane who has to hold off their pursuers while Bosley drives and Elena freaks out in the back seat. Jane uses the standard firing-your-weapon-through-the-sun-roof trope of action movies, and out of the windows, of course. She also, however, opens the passenger door and leans all the way out to fire her weapon, her hair nearly grazing the street. It’s one of the baddest of badass moves in the movie and shows a lot of trust in her training and her driver.

7 Fatima Takes The Van

Charlies Angels Heads To Istanbul

Because Jane used to be a secret government agent that worked all over the world, she had a few contacts for her work. One of those was a woman who ran a clinic in Istanbul. 

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There’s no love lost for Jane on Fatima’s end. She resents Jane coming to her for help and never delivering on promises. That causes her to drive a pretty hard bargain when it comes to giving the Angels a hand. Though they bring her a ton of supplies for her clinic, Fatima demands a bit more payment for Jane’s betrayal; she wants the van itself. Fatima is a woman used to living in a difficult neighborhood, doing whatever it takes to help the women and children she meets, and she goes after what she wants.

6 Elena Holds Her Own In The Quarry

Jane Elena And Sabina In Charlies Angels 2019

Elena is a scientist who takes krav maga classes on the weekend. She has no formal training when it comes to taking on bad guys. That doesn’t stop her from deciding to head out on the mission instead of hiding in a safe house.

When the Angels try to infiltrate a meeting at a rock quarry, Elena is left locked in an office to be their eyes. Of course, she is found out and forced to defend herself. She manages to hold her own without the benefit of the background of Jane or Sabina. She not only saves herself but Sabina as well.

5 Jane Saves Sabina

Ella Balinska And Kristen Stewart As Jane And Sabine In Charlies Angels

Jane keeps herself closed off - even from her fellow Angels. She doesn’t want to admit to mistakes or feelings that might seem weak. She puts the mission, not the Angels, first. Despite that, Jane has to put the mission aside to save Sabina’s life twice.

When their safe house literally explodes, Jane has to dig Sabina out of the rubble and get her medical attention. While there, she finally admits that she and Sabina are friends, breaking down in tears. It might seem sappy, but Jane actually being able to admit to something she would normally think of as weak? Completely badass.

4 Elena Reprograms Calisto

Kristen Stewart And Naomi Scott In Charlies Angels 2019

When the bad guy kidnaps a hero in an action flick, there’s always a moment where the hero’s resolve is put to the test. In Elena’s case, she has to either reprogram Calisto or sacrifice her friend. Elena chooses what the hero always chooses - to reprogram the device - but with a twist.

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Instead of the electromagnetic device scrambling people’s brains, Elena made sure no one could be hurt by the version of Calisto left behind by the villain. It’s one twist in the movie that plays very well and proves how well Elena works under pressure.

3 Sabina Picks A Pocket

Charlies Angels Sabina Jane Elena

Sabina is often used as what con artists might call the honeypot. She sashays and flirts her way into an operation, distracting the mark and lifting an ID badge, for example. She’s not only adept at using her charms to pickpockets though.

When Sabina and Jane tag-team an assassin, it looks like the two of them are very nearly being bested in the fight. That, however, was all a ruse. Sabina uses her con artist skills to look like she’s repeatedly being beat when, really, she’s using the fight as an opportunity to search his pockets. She nabs the key to the room where Elena is being held during the middle of the fight. 

2 Jane Learns From Defeat

Noah Centineo and Ella Balinska in Charlie's Angels 2019

Jane doesn’t like to lose. That much is obvious every time a mission goes south. As a result, she’s honed some serious skills to keep herself on top. We see a hint of that early in the movie when she zeroes in on a typewriter in a coffee shop as it tips her off to something not being right. That tiny glimpse at how good she is at observing a scene pays off after Sabina leaves Jane to handle the assassin on her own.

Jane demonstrates that she doesn’t let a loss get her down. Instead, she learns from every time she makes a mistake. She lists every single one of the assassin’s usual moves as she fights him, reminding him that when he’s beat her in the past, he’s been overconfident, and she’s been studying him. She wins the final battle.

1 The Angels Bring The Love

Charlies Angels 2019

One of the best aspects of this continuation of Charlie’s Angels is that it isn’t limited to a single Townsend Agency of detectives. Instead, the Agency spans a global network. Moments in the movie feature unknown Angels passing on information, keys, and everything else they need. Those Angels sprinkled throughout the movie return for one very triumphant and badass moment.

As Elizabeth Banks’ Bosley and her team of Angels find themselves surrounded, she instructs the Angels to “bring the love,” a phrase used throughout the movie to signal backup. In this case, backup is enough Angels to fill a mansion. Seeing a room full of Angels ready to throw down is very different than a trio having to search for a way out.

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