Charlie's Angels Reboot Officially Begins Production

Sony Pictures' upcoming Charlie's Angels movie reboot officially begins production today, according to director Elizabeth Banks on Twitter.

Elizabeth Banks has revealed that the Charlie's Angels reboot has officially begun production. While the plot of the upcoming film is currently unknown, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska will play the new versions of the Angels, with Banks in the director's chair.

Charlie's Angels originally began as a '70s TV show which ran for five seasons. The show first starred Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith, but different actresses played different Angels as the show went on. The series was then remade as a movie in 2000, starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu. This film did well enough to warrant a sequel, which was released three years later and titled Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Ultimately, with the second film's mixed reception, a third movie starring Diaz, Barrymore, and Liu never saw the light of day, but the story was revived once again in 2011 with a TV show from ABC. The series again failed to bring in positive reviews and was canceled after only one season of eight episodes. With as popular as the storyline is, it was only a matter of time before another remake was put into development, which it, of course, was with Banks' Charlie's Angels.

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While Charlie's Angels was thought to begin filming in April, Banks confirmed via her Twitter that the new reboot's first day of production was today. It isn't surprising to see Banks' name on the film's slate board, but it is interesting to see Bill Pope's, since this is the first time his name has been attached to the project. Pope has previously been the director of photography on films such as The Matrix trilogy as well as The Jungle Book and Baby DriverBanks also makes sure to caption her tweet by celebrating women in Hollywood by using hashtags that not only celebrate female directors but women in film in general.

Charlie's Angels previously went through rewrites back in July 2017 before Sony confirmed the release date for September 2019. While Banks had signed on to direct the film in 2015, it was announced this year that Banks would also be playing the role of Bosley alongside the Angels. It was also recently announced that Patrick Stewart will play another version of Bosley, thus making the film have two versions of the iconic character.

There isn't a lot known about the upcoming reboot, but this new version of Charlie's Angels might have more than just three Angel characters, which marks the first time this has happened in Charlie's Angels history. With the production of the film starting today, the plot of the movie is sure to come out soon, as well as a ton of marketing material and other movie news.

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