Charlie's Angels Reboot Cast Confirmed, Elizabeth Banks As Bosley

The reboot of Charlie's Angels has officially confirmed its main cast with director Elizabeth Banks playing a key role. A reboot of the 1970s series has been in talks for a few years now, but plans for a 2019 film are officially moving forward. The film is still in development, but with the cast officially confirmed, the project will likely move forward with production and begin filming in the very near future.

Since its television debut in the 1970s, Charlie's Angels has been rebooted twice. The first reboot was the 2000 film and its subsequent 2003 sequel starring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz. The second, less successful, venture came with a reboot to a television series of the same name that barely lasted a few episodes in 2011. Now, there is official confirmation that the Angels will again be kicking ass in 2019 with a fully assembled cast ready for their mission.

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According to The Wrap, the film will not only be directed by Banks but will see her starring in a major role as Bosley, who relays messages between the Angels and Charlie. Bosley also helps the Angels in finding background information, or by joining them in the field. Further, in addition to the previously cast Kristen Stewart, the trio of Angels is rounded out by Power Rangers' Naomi Scott and relative newcomer Ella Balinska.

Naomi Scott cast in Charlies Angels

Banks is also serving as a producer on the project, which has moved from its summer 2019 release date to September 27, 2019. In terms of the film's plot, it will follow an expanded agency run by the titular Charlie, with Stewart, Scott and Balinska making up just one team of many. It was previously reported that Scott would join the Charlie's Angels reboot. With this announcement, fans now have confirmation of her attachment to the film. It was also reported that Stewart was in contention along with Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o, but with the addition of Balinska, it's possible Nyong'o is no longer affiliated with the project.

Banks is already putting her own spin on the film with strong roots in the 1970s show. Banks had been in talks to direct since 2015. Now the project is officially moving forward after script rewrites and casting rumors. While originally slated to begin filming in April, production continue moving forward to keep with its new release date. The addition of Balinska will introduce the largely unknown talent to a huge fan base, with Stewart and Scott being more widely known at this point in their respective careers. Moving forward, Banks will likely use what she learned on the set of Pitch Perfect 2her first feature length solo directorial effort, and apply those lessons to Charlie's Angels.

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Source: The Wrap

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