Elizabeth Banks Admits Charlie’s Angels Flopped, But Is Still Proud of It

Elizabeth Banks, who directed the Charlie’s Angels reboot, humorously acknowledges the movie is a flop but says she’s still proud of it.

Elizabeth Banks admits that the Charlie’s Angels reboot is a flop, even appearing to joke about it, but says she’s proud of the film nonetheless. Banks directed the reboot, which earned $8 million domestically during its opening weekend. It had been projected to reach slightly above $13 million. Even though the action comedy fared better overseas, earning $19 million, its third place debut on the box office charts has been viewed as a disappointment. Many industry analysts have been discussing possible reasons for the lackluster performance, arriving at similar conclusions. The failure of Charlie’s Angels to ascend has been linked primarily to franchise fatigue, with experts citing it as the latest example of how audiences aren’t that excited to see updated versions of old stories in theaters.

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Going back to the summer, Men In Black: International was a striking example of this. The latest Terminator installment is another. Even an update with some creative depth, and cinematic richness, such as Doctor Sleep hasn’t risen to the level of hopes attached to it. Another reason tossed around is that the reboot lacked star power. Its biggest name, and biggest asset according to most reviews, Kristen Stewart, is years removed from her status as a franchise heroine. Recently, she’s been better known for indelible performances in more contemplative dramas like Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper. Stewart only returned to big blockbusters with Charlie’s Angels. For many, as Banks readily confesses, the hopes for the movie haven’t materialized.

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Posting on her Twitter account, Banks acknowledged the negative headlines surrounding the reboot humorously and bluntly. She owned the fact that she is heavily linked to the project, in more ways than one, albeit she was also adamant that she was proud of the film and happy for its existence. Check out the tweet below.

In addition to directing Charlie’s Angels, and starring in the film as Bosley, Banks was one of the reboot’s producers and wrote the screenplay. Undoubtedly, the end result isn’t a positive one for those hoping to get a sequel. Even overseas, where the film did better, it only managed $7.8 million in the important market of China. Still, the film has its share of badass moments and even mixed evaluations of the reboot’s merits find positives.

Whatever the specific faults of the Charlie’s Angels reboot, there is a large agreement that it points to a larger trend. While some franchises, namely those attached to Disney, seem invincible, other studios haven’t been quite as lucky in their efforts to revive existing properties. It remains to be seen if this latest string of high-profile box office bombs will lead to any change in the kind of movies that decision-makers prioritize.

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