Charlie Kaufman's Netflix Movie Loses Brie Larson, Casts Toni Collette & More

Toni Collette in Hereditary

Toni Collette, Jessie Buckley, and David Thewlis have been added to the cast of Charlie Kaufman’s Netflix movie, I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Based on the wildly popular novel penned by Iain Reid, I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a psychological thriller put in the hands of Kaufman, who's set to write and direct the film.

Reid’s debut novel, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, follows Jake and Jake’s unnamed girlfriend as they venture on a road trip to Jake’s hometown to have dinner with his parents. On their way home, a chain of events lead to a detour to Jake’s old high school. The seemingly innocent pit stop causes Jake’s girlfriend to wander the high school alone, and descend into an evening of nightmares. With an enticing plot line, it didn't take long for a film version of the book to go into production. Kaufman - Oscar winner for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  - along with Jesse Plemons who plays Jake, have been with the project since its development. Now, the Netflix film has gained further star power with its recent addition of Collette, Buckley, and Thewlis to the cast.

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According to Variety, Buckley is set to play Jake’s girlfriend. Buckley hails from the world of theater and segued into the film industry with her roles in Beast, War and Peace, and upcoming The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle. As mentioned, Jake’s girlfriend didn't have a name in Reid’s novel, so it's possible she won't have one in the film. Collette and Thewlis’s characters have yet to be announced, but, given there's only a handful of characters in the novel, there stands a good chance that Collette and Thewlis will play Jake’s parents. Collette, known for her versatility, received high praise for last year’s horror film, Hereditary, and recently appeared in Velvet Buzzsaw. Thewlis proves a great fit to any genre, with an impressive list of credits including Fargo, Justice League, and the upcoming Avatar sequels.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things originally cast Brie Larson in the leading role, the one which Buckley has now been assigned. The reasons for Larson’s exit from the project are unclear, but speculation has been made that due to promoting Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, Larson’s schedule was not suitable for filming. The film is in the hands of producers, Kaufman, Anthony Bregman, Bob Salerno, and Stefanie Azpiazu. Reid is also set to lend a creative voice as co-producer. I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a reunion for Kaufman and Bregman, who previously worked together on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Synecdoche, New York and Human Nature.

The slated cast and crew of I’m Thinking of Ending Things are veterans of psychological thrillers, and have a knack for delivering moments of chills and profound emotion to their audience. Reid’s novel has mapped out a premise for which Kaufman is accustomed to with his work and expertise in the subject matter of mortality, the meaning of life and surrealism. The creative team at hand almost guarantees a hit for Netflix, and could also shock those already familiar with the novel. A release date for I’m Thinking of Ending Things has yet to be announced.

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Source: Variety 

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