Charlie Kaufman and Catherine Keener Reunite for HBO Comedy Series

Oscar-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and actress Catherine Keener previously collaborated on the former's breakout hit, Being John Malkovich, before re-teaming for Synecdoche, New York (Kaufman's directorial debut). They will rejoin forces again, on Kaufman's sophomore directing effort, Frank or Francis.

It turns out the duo will also be collaborating on a new small-screen venture. HBO has fast-tracked development on a new comedy series - written and directed by Kaufman with Keener onboard to star. On the off-chance you were wondering: yes, the show is shaping up to be (what else?) a mind-warp.

HBO has been expanding its repertoire of late, to encompass more women-centric television series. Such new TV additions to the powerhouse cable channel include: Enlightened, starring Laura Dern (also the co-creator), Veep featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Girls as created and headlined by Lena Dunham - and now, the new Kaufman/Keener project (assuming the pilot episode gets picked up by HBO).

In addition to writing and directing, Kaufman will also serve as executive producer on his latest foray into the realm of small-screen entertainment - and his first since his days writing for series like The Dana Carvey Show and Ned and Stacey back in 1996-97. Keener will also produce the show, which Deadline has offered the following logline for:

The untitled comedy is described as an exploration of one day in a woman’s life and how the events leading up to it can affect, or not, the reality in which she lives.

Based on that description alone, Kaufman and Keener's new project appears poised to play with a "what if?" concept, similar to that featured in the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow existential rom-com Sliding Doors. Of course, this being from the mind who devised films like Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we can probably expect the series to throw viewers more than a couple of curveballs.

[caption id="attachment_104036" align="aligncenter" width="530" caption="Kaufman, on the set of 'Synecdoche, New York'."][/caption]

How exactly Kaufman and Keener will approach the setup for their new show - that's an intriguing question.

On the one hand, the series could utilize a Groundhog Day/Source Code-style approach, where viewers are shown how one day in the life of Keener's character's life changes depending on her previous actions. On the other hand, focusing on a single day in someone's life isn't exactly a concept that lends itself to longevity, given the demands of the television format.

Hopefully, in the future, additional information will be released - as to shed some additional light on what exactly Kaufman and Keener's show is going to be about. Given the pair's limited-but-loyal following, there should be plenty of people curious to learn more about this particular HBO creation.

Look for more updates on the new Kaufman/Keener TV series (including, an official title) in the future.


Source: Deadline

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