Charlie Hunnam Talks Thor Candidacy

The other day, Screen Rant reported on Alexander Skarsgård's skepticism as to whether or not he’d be cast as the title character in Marvel’s upcoming Thor movie.

What we also knew at that time, but didn’t report because we didn’t know the timing of the events, is that another Thor candidate, Charlie Hunnam, had definitely met with director Kenneth Branagh.

Thanks to IGN, we now know that there have been some more significant developments since then. At a premiere for Mutant Chronicles yesterday, IGN had a chance to speak with the Sons of Anarchy actor, Charlie Hunnam, and asked him about his candidacy for the role of The Mighty Thor.

Hunnam confirmed that he had screen-tested for the part but only shot one screen test. IGN asked him if the audition involved a large hammer and a helmet and human responded “Something like that,” with a smile on his face.

The actor went on to clarify that he doesn’t know where they (Branagh and co.) are in the casting decision process but revealed that his representatives have been speaking with Marvel. With Marvel pushing the release date for Thor back one full year, Hunnam figures they’re taking their time making the big decision on casting the lead.

Hunnam recently turned 29 and was born in Newcastle, England. Out of the six rumored candidates to play Thor, he's my second pick behind Alexander Skarsgård who's bigger and actually hails from a Norse country.

Who do you think should play Thor? Can Hunnam do the role justice?

Thor is scheduled in theaters June 17, 2011.

Source: IGN

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