Charlie Hunnam's 10 Best Performances, Ranked

Most people know Charlie Hunnam as SAMCRO's Jax, but he's had a huge number of incredible roles over the years.

Jax Teller

The release of Netflix film Triple Frontier has audience members once again raving about British sensation Charlie Hunnam, particularly since this feature sees him starring alongside fellow Hollywood heavyweights Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, and Pedro Pascal in a talented ensemble cast.

At 39 years of age, this is far from the first time where he has wowed film and TV audiences alike, as he has previously delivered a variety of captivating performances, ranging from non-fiction projects to fantasy. Let's take a look at some of Charlie Hunnam's most successful roles.

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10 King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

This retelling of the legend of King Arthur sees Hunnam play the titular role in what was a big budget epic fantasy film that took a whopping $175 million to produce. While the film's critical response was underwhelming and the film effectively tanked at the box office, there were some positive takeaways from this project.

This film did manage to sell out all its early screening tickets (over 30 000 tickets were sold), as well as come in at number one in 29 international markets. Unfortunately, none of these silver linings (as well as the studio's colossal marketing campaign) were able to produce financial gain.

9 Green Street

While opening to mixed critical reviews, this film focusing on soccer hooliganism did well to establish a cult following as well as immortalize Charlie Hunnam in the minds of many a soccer fan as well as film addicts in general.

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This film saw Charlie Hunnam star as the leader of the soccer hooligan firm "Green Street Elite", where he teaches young American Matt Buckner (played by Elijah Wood) all about soccer's dark underbelly. With Charlie Hunnam's involvement, the film managed to win several awards, including the award for best feature film at the LA Femme International Film Festival and the Malibu Film Festival.

8 Crimson Peak

Despite only playing a supporting role, Hunnam did exceptionally well to portray hero Dr. Alan McMichael in this chilling horror film. Set in 1887, this film revolves around Edith, a young woman who marries a mysterious man with a ruthlessly violent sister, both of whom her childhood friend (played by Hunnam) deeply distrusts, prompting him to later decide to save Edith from what appears to be a disturbingly dangerous circumstance.

This film received warm critical reviews, particularly for its visual effects, and was nominated for an array of accolades, even swiping three Saturn awards.

7 The Lost City Of Z

This faced-paced adventure of young British officer Percy Fawcett sees Hunnam take center stage in what is an epic drama film. Tasked with mapping out the border between Brazil and Bolivia, Fawcett happens upon the remnants of what he believes to have been an ancient civilization.

This film has been widely praised for its plot as well as its characters, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it an approval rating of 86% while citing Hunnam's performance as being "masterful". This film was also nominated for an array of awards by numerous film bodies.

6 Pacific Rim

This science fiction film once again sees Hunnam at the center of the action, alongside A-listers such as Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman. When giant sea monsters named "Kaiju" emerge from the Pacific Ocean to attack humanity, humans decide to build giant robots known as "Jaegers" to combat them. In order to operate, Jaegers require two mind-linked pilots to work together, and Hunnam's character happens to be one of the most talented pilots that the world has ever seen.

This film garnered positive reviews all around, particularly for its special effects, from an array of review aggregation websites as well as numerous award nominations. This film certainly played its part in boosting Hunnam's image.

5 Undeclared

Jay Baruchel and Charlie Hunnam in Undeclared

This one-season masterpiece by Judd Apatow centers on a group of college freshman and their endeavors on campus. This beloved show has developed a cult following in the years since and proved incredibly successful among TV audiences, particularly due to its realistic portrayal of the college dorm experience and all the highs and lows that come with it.

In this hit show, Hunnam played the quick-tempered English freshman Lloyd Haythe, who bathes in success when it comes to womanizing and often teases roommate Steven, despite always looking out for Steven on a deeper level.

4 Nicholas Nickleby

This period drama showcases yet another facet of Hunnam's broad acting ability. Set in 1800s England, this tale follows the exploits of young man Nicholas and his family, as they abandon their family home in Devon in favor of a move to London in order to earn income after Nicholas's father passes away.

This film, based on the Charles Dickens' classic, dealt with themes such as social satire and social injustice incredibly well, thus garnering positive reviews from critics at large, particularly when it came to the performances of Hunnam and the rest of the cast. This acting break came early in Hunnam's career and did well to place him on movie-goers' radars.

3 Papillon

A remake of the 1973 classic of the same name, this film had a lot to live up to. This biographical feature tells the story of Henri "Papillon" Charriere, a safecracker in Paris, who is wrongly framed for murder and subsequently sent to the penal colony on Devil's Island in French Guiana, from which no one has ever escaped.

While reviews for the film were average overall, Hunnam was praised for his "emotionally-compelling" portrayal of Papillon, as well as his partnership with Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Rami Malek.

2 Cold Mountain

While not the lead, Hunnam played a necessary supporting role in this epic war film that was met with warm critical reviews. This film follows the life of a young Civil War soldier who returns home in search for the woman he loves after North Carolina's secession from the Union.

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This time, Hunnam found himself as an antagonist and ultimately the most dangerous nemesis of the film's protagonist played by Jude Law. He proved his ability to make an impact on a film regardless of the magnitude of his role, and director Alfonso Cuaron ultimately cast him in his hit film Children of Men as a result.

1 Sons Of Anarchy

In what is undoubtedly his best-known work, Hunnam starred for seven seasons in this crime drama as Jax Teller, president of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club operating out of the fictional Californian town of Charming. This series focused on the activities of SAMCRO in the world of protection services, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons trading.

This series continuously earned favorable reviews throughout its run, while racking up a host of nominations and awards throughout its tenure. Even though the show has long ended, TV viewers will still picture Jaxx whenever they see Charlie Hunnam in future works.

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